Okay y’all.  So, though it’s not quite all signed up yet, I can talk about it now.  The reason I haven’t been able to speak is that up until about a week ago, we (my agent and I) hadn’t officially told Theatre Calgary that I wouldn’t be doing the second half of the MTC/Theatre Calgary co-pro of The Drowsy Chaperone.   And I’m here in Calgary right now doing The 25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee at Theatre Calgary so there have been moments of awkward.  But now it’s on the table and everyone at Theatre Calgary has been amazing.  Of course they understand.  It’s not like I’m leaving the show to work at Starbucks (thank you, Kyle G.).  I’m going to Broadway.  . . . . . wow, I haven’t really seen it written yet.  I’M GOING TO BROADWAY, Y’ALL.  HAHAHHAHAA  So bizarre. Oh and speaking of my not doing The Drowsy Chaperone.  As soon as it leaked out that I may not be doing Aldolpho, everyone and their dog was walking over my steaming carcass to get their hands on my part.  Suddenly, people from Drowsy were getting calls from people “casually” wondering who one might contact about the show.  Vultures.  That shit’s cold.  But it still made me laugh.   Whoever gets it fully gets my blessing.  I’m going to Broadway and they have to deal with being compared to my version.  Ha ha!  I mean, . . . they’ll have a wonderful time with it.

So, we go into rehearsals in New York on Aug. 23 until Sept. 25, then come back on Sept. 26 to move toward our Oct. 12 previews.  I believe all of that is common knowledge at this point.  I don’t think they want the rest of the information on the Toronto run public yet.  But we go into rehearsal in New  York again on Jan. 31.  And we open Mar. 6 on Broadway.  I’ve seen that in print so I’m not giving anything away.  Then it’s an open-ended run.

I can’t even pretend I’m not excited about that.  It’s going to be so much fun.  So much to see and do.  I already told you guys what I’m doing in the show.  I was not thrilled about doing ensemble, I won’t lie but the creative team, who were sooooo amazing through the whole experience, were very cool and were very convincing about wanting me to cover Bernadette.  The rumour  is that Tony Sheldon, who did it in Australia and London is coming over to play Bernie.  How cool is that.  I’ve heard he’s a lovely guy.  So I’ll suck it up to get my ass to Broadway and expand my possibilities exponentially.

I’m really looking forward to a few specific things.  One: I can’t wait to have all of those shows at my viewing disposal.  To just be able to walk over to a theatre and see whatever the hell I want.   It’s heaven.  I realize I’m a big anomaly but I love theatre.  I mean I really REALLY LOVE theatre.  I would rather go see a show than anything else.  And I can see everything and anything I want.  That’s going to be thrilling for me.  Two:  Cabaret.  I can finally really check out the New York cabaret scene.  See these people who really do this – do this. I can start to figure out where I fit into all of that.  It’s time.  Three:  EVERYTHING ELSE –  Come on, people – the food, the people, the jazz clubs, the museums, the parks.  It never ends.  So much I want to see.

And I have every intention of keep you all posted.

Oh and I do still have other news, though not as big.  But it’s still up in the air.  I hope to know this week.  It really should have been worked out weeks, perhaps months ago. hahaha  ah well, bette late than never.  So I’ll have an update on that soon.

In the meantime, I’m living it and loving it, y’all!!!!

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  1. Thom,

    My wife, myself and my musical theatre infused 17yr old daughter caught the Putnam Spelling Bee show last night (Wed) at Theatre Calgary. We all thoroughly enjoyed the show, but you truly stood out in the performance. Once you opened your mouth, the waves of sound coming from you was incredible.

    There is a great amount of talent in that cast, but you truly left a memorable impression. As a singer in a local cover band myself and my daughter in high school performing arts, we were so very much spellbound by your vocal talents.

    I wish you well in the rest of the run and congrats on Pricilla Queen of the Desert on Broadway!

    Hope we see you again or cross paths sometime.

    Brian Dorais (Calgary)

  2. Hey, Thom!

    So thrilled that you’re doing PRISCILLA. I’ve been watching your performances on YouTube and your voice is beyond beautiful. “Come Down From The Tree” is one of my all time favourite songs so naturally your rendition left me a sobbing wreck. You will take Broadway and the New York cabaret world by storm!
    Can’t wait to meet and work with you.

  3. Hi Thom, again me!! your brand new french friend!
    Since I saw “I me wed”, i’m completely under the charm!
    Let’s explain, you are one of these actor who could subjugate,illuminate, transcend and give life to a role…Like Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, Gael garcia Bernal in the “Bad education” !
    I would like to watch you playing in an Almodovar movie…Please Pedro!
    You’ve got so much to show off!
    Thanks for being one of Those who give colours to The Big World of THE SCENE!
    PS* If you allow it, I will make the next week a post on my blog on you!
    Have a sunny and sparkling day Thom

    • Ariell, I’m so flattered. Thank you. By all means, blog as you like. Take care.

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