I’m lying in bed about to get up, finish packing and hop on a plane to Winnipeg. We start rehearsals for RENT tomorrow at Rainbow Stage.  It will be so bizarre to visit the show again after more than a decade. Wow.   It will be so great and weird to be in Winnipeg for the summer.   It’s been years.  I was there in the summer to shoot the movie, LEAVING METROPOLIS, several years ago but that was only for about 10 days.   So this is pretty fun.  It’s beautiful and as warm as it gets cold in the winter.  And my family is there and my best friend, Krista, is there and other wonderful friends.

I’m also really looking forward to being in Winnipeg for the Fringe festival.  It’s been years and the Winnipeg Fringe is one of the best in Canada.  Or it used to be.   I hope it still is.  We’ll see.  Looking forward to finding out.

Oh people, so much is changing and happening.  I feel so full of wonderful things these days.  I’m happy.  It’s just that simple.  Life is good.  I’m getting to go to my hometown and do a show in the theatre Rainbow Stage, where I did my first professional show, SWEET CHARITY; I’m doing the two shows that bookended OUTRAGEOUS, the show that made me a ‘name’ in Toronto (RENT and JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT) a decade ago – so I get to close that circle/cycle; and then I’m going to New York to do my first Broadway show and begin the next cycle of my life.  It’s the amazing feeling when you can actually feel that everything you’ve done up until this point has lead you in the right direction and everything makes sense.

I’m looking forward to the ride ahead.  I want to just remain open and ready for whatever comes along.  My life is about to change in the most fantastic ways.  Bring it!!!

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  1. Let the summer begin! I am saving now to come and see you on Broadway. Allow people to find pleasure in your genuine warmth, your curiosity, and generosity of spirit. Thom take such care and find pleasure in making the world a better place one kind task or song at a time.

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