hmmm   so many thoughts.  Okay let’s start with RENT rehearsals.  Having a great time.  Really fun bunch of kids.  It’s a very intimate version of the show.  But everyone is cast so well.  I had forgotten just how low Collins sings.  That’s turning out to be a bit of a challenge.  It’s right at the bottom of my range.  But it’s a good challenge.  Really keeping me on my toes.  Jeremy Kushnier is the same wonderful, fun, smart guy I have always known.  He just happens to have been on Broadway starring in shows a few times.  hahaha  It’s been great to reconnect with him.  He’s doing a great job directing the show.  There is so much I don’t remember from the show but moments keep surprising me in terms of what I’ll remember suddenly.    And I walked backstage at Rainbow on the first day and realized it had been 19 years since I had been back there.  They’ve re-done parts of the backstage and it’s really cool.  Lots of memories from the early days.  Not lots of time to put the show together but we are cooking along.  It’s a hoot.

Other than that, life is good.  I’m so happy these days.  My buddy Sharron Matthews killed at Joe’s Pub tonight.  It was packed.  2 standing ovations.  One more show tomorrow night (Sunday).  I can’t wait to hear how it goes.  It’s amazing when you know what you want and you set out on a path and it’s the right path, the universe just gets everything out of your way or sets up all of the right challenges to really give you the chance to earn it/appreciate it.  I’m so proud of her.  And I know there are many reasons to be in Winnipeg for the summer.   My family is here and it’s a good time to be here spending time with them.

I also have several things to take care of in terms of the green card stuff too.  I have a handful more letters to collect but that’s going well.

One of the main things I have to deal with now is this freakin’ rib I’ve got out in my back.  It’s been out for about 2 months but I didn’t know it until about 3 weeks ago.  My chiropractor in Toronto is great and he really started to loosen it.  And now I have a chiro here in Winnipeg who is great and has already made some strides so hopefully, that will be fixed soon.  I’d like to be able to sleep through the night without feeling like a knife is being jammed into my upper back.

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