So it’s the first day off after opening RENT on Tuesday.   It went well.  The crowd really seemed to love it.  It’s a funny journey watching the audiences here.  And yes, I said watching the audiences.  It’s one of oldest open-air theatres in Canada – it may be just about the only one.  So it’s still daylight and you can see everyone.  There are a couple of moments where one can actually look out and see people’s faces.  Gotta say it’s been a hoot to see the Winnipeg faces.  I don’t they’re quite ready for what is going on in this show.  When Angel and I (as Collins) first meet, they feel (feel as I’m not looking at them but I can feel the energy) like “wait a minute, are those two boys hooking up?”.  Then when Angel comes out all dressed in his ‘Santa Drag’, I’m getting the “hey, is that the boy from before?  He’s dressed as a girl. Is this a gay show??!!” vibe.   When we get to Angel and Collins’ love duet, they’re confused because they’ve enjoyed Santa Fe and they find us charming but “they’re gay and kissing . I’m still uncomfortable.”  They the time we get to La Vie Boheme at the end of the first act, they’re having a good time and are sort of getting used to us. By the time we get into Happy New Year, they giving us some, “I know you guys are gays but you seem like you’d be fun at a party.”  By the time Angel dies, they’re in the,”No way, he was the nicest gay I’ve never known.” zone. So by the time we hit Angel’s funeral and I’m singing “I’ll Cover You Reprise”, there are grown men weeping in the audience.  It’s quite amazing to witness.  You can really feel them travelling with us.   It’s cool.  And every night so far, they are on their feet, sometimes before the lights come up.

Now we just have to run the show.  Only two more weeks.  It’s so weird to even think of.  We have Saturdays off and two shows on Sunday.   But that’s the only two show day.  Hallelujah.   It will be weird, REALLY WEIRD to do a show in full daylight tomorrow afternoon.  RENT is such a night show.  Usually by the second act, it’s dark.   But that’s alright.  We’ll live.  Especially since we also get Canada Day off as well this week.  Woohoo.

Other than that, it’s just wild being back in Winnipeg in the summer.  I’m really excited for the Fringe Festival to start on July 14.   I love going to theatre, y’all.  The one thing I’m sad about is I don’t think I’ll be able to see anything at the festivals (Shaw or Stratford) and I usually go and see stuff.  I have a bunch of pals in the shows doing some really cool stuff and I’d love to see them do it.  But I’ll only have one evening in Toronto on Aug. 21 before I head to New York to start rehearsals for Priscilla.  I’m back on Sept. 26 but I don’t think I’ll have the time to go.  That makes me sad. I wanted to see Chilina Kennedy in Evita and Kiss Me, Kate and The Tempest and Peter Pan at Stratford.  And I wanted to see One Touch of Venus, The Women and Serious Money at Shaw.  Ah well, I’m not complaining.  My ass is going to Broadway.  LOL

I feel like I should have more to say but I don’t really right now.  Oh, I am disturbed to hear about the rioting in Toronto.  That’s insane.  I don’t understand the human propensity for violence when emotions run high.  The “I’m mad so I’m going to blow up a police car” mentality.  Good Lord, go and punch a bag or something; have a run; have sex; something more focused.  Jeez!

And the earthquake.  Seriously, y’all.  Mother Nature is getting pissed off and trying to send messages.  She is ready to kick some G8/G20 boo-tay . . . . . apparently.  It’s like she’s saying, “since I’ve got you all in one place  – FUCK YOU!”  Pardon my french.

Had a cool talk today with a friend over lunch.  We were talking about how so much of our reality is up to us.  How much personal energy we have if we actually took control of it.  So many people will not take the responsibility for their own existence.  They become ‘victims’ of their own lives.  Everything happens to them.  They are simply swept off in the tide.  Now before anyone blows that up into some horrible overjudgement, let me be clear.  Things can happen to us beyond our control, of course, (death, rape, robbery) but we ultimately have choices in how we deal with those things during and after, how we survive them.  But other than those big things, so many other things are in our scope of choice.  Let me elaborate.  If you decide you’re stuck or trapped in a situation, you are.  You get what I’m saying.  The biggest part of anyone’s life is BELIEVING.  Look at how many people get far with not necessarily the most talent or ability but they crawl their way up the ladder of success.  Why?  THEY BELIEVE.  This was where our conversation was going.  Everything is energy.  Thought is energy.  So if you send the energy in the direction you want it to go in, it can’t help be change the vibrations around you.  Wow.  Even as I write that it sounds sooooooo freakin’ esoteric.  But I think you get what I mean.  Positive energy begets positive energy.  It’s the same way laughter makes you feel better and rage can make you sick.  It’s pretty simple yet I’m always amazed at how many people can’t see it.  As I get  . . . what’s the word? . . . . . Riper? 😉  I have less patience for people who just whine and whine and don’t actually change their attitude or tactics.  If you keep getting the same results and you don’t change your tactics, where does the problem lie? Get what I’m saying?

Hmm,  not where I meant to go in this blog but I like it..  It think part if it is that I’m also just excited about starting the new phase of my life which Priscilla represents.  Okay that’s it for now.  I’m going to finish watching Indiana Jones And the Temple of Doom which happens to be on TV right now.  Good times.  Good Human Sacrifice Times.

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  1. .. love it when you let loose!


    On Wednesday Toronto had the earthquake, Midland just outside of TO had the tornado, so just wondering … EARTH, WIND… where’s the fire? Well, guess it took a few days but we got it yesterday with the (professional and violent) protesters setting some police cars on fire. For many of us that believed that it couldnt happen here, but really knew just by looking at previous G-20 summits or gatherings of this kind, that this was really a naive way of thinking.

    I think we (Torontonians and Canadians) need to remember that those who are doing the violence are not speaking for those of us living here and they are just here to cause violence and be able to get away with it. Anyway.. hoping today is better (it wont be) and Monday starts to bring normality.

    I also agree 100% with the positive thinking and acting statements. If you just say “what will be will be”, you will never get out of the hole in the ground, YOU have to start building the steps up and out yourself.

    But.. back to good stuff…. I have seen 3 productions at Shaw so far, Cherry Orchard, which was just okay, Ideal Husband and Doctor’s Dilemma and they were GREAT. I have heard for both Festivals they have had excellent reviews, sorry you will miss them.

    Looking forward to you coming back to TO for Priscilia. Seeing it in October, will drop by to say HI at Stage Door. Glad you are enjoying your revisit in Rent and thanks for keeping us posted.


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