Okay it’s the last performance of RENT tonight and I gotta say, I’ve had a great time.  The cast are a bunch of sweet kids.  (Kids, like I’m 100.  But there are times I felt like “grampa”.)  Really fun.  JOSEPH starts rehearsals in 4 days and that’s going to be a shock.  We go from a cast of 12 to a cast of 30 adults and 49 kids.  God in heaven, save me!  . . . or Buddha . . . . or Mohammed . . . or whoever can save me.  I’m open.    That’s a lot of “chi’rens”.  Looking forward to a few days off.

In the meantime, I thought I would treat you all to a giggle.  For those of you who know the original Lady Gaga/Beyonce video, skip to the second one.  For those of you who don’t, like myself and I’m not ashamed, here is the original.

And now the parody.  Christine Pedi is a Broadway performer who discovered she could do impersonations and now does a whole flock of ladies.  This is her parody of the video but in hers, the duelling divas are Liza Minnelli and Carol Channing – and she plays both ladies.  It’s not her funniest bit but it’s still pretty enjoyable.

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