Okay, y’all.  I just had a really beautiful message from a reader named Donna.  You can read it in the ‘comments’ section in the blog before this one.   She made me realize something.  A lot of people who are reading this blog (and there seem to be more all the time) have never been to New York or have only experienced a little bit of  New York.  So it made me realize I have an opportunity to introduce a whole bunch of people to New York and my experiences in the show and in the city.  I couldn’t be more excited.  So I will try to create those specifically as an ongoing series which I will for now name the “DonnaBlogs”  with a number.  We’ll see how that goes. Donna, I may realize that it becomes a nightmare with the numbers for you now, you are the inspiration so it will begin with your namesake.   Look for the first DONNABLOG tomorrow after I have my first measurements done.  Woohoo.  There won’t be much happening for the next few week after that but then it’s going to take off closer to when I finish here in Winnipeg in six weeks.  In fact, I start 6 weeks from today.

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  1. Hi Thom:

    Well I am honoured and more than a little excited to be honest. I have never had anything named after me before, so thank you. I shall look forward to your posts, and who knows perhaps you might even tempt me to leave my lovely Stratford for a little trip to the Big Apple.

    • That is always the hope, my dear Donna.

  2. Hi Thom,
    Not sure you will get this–first time i’m trying it. I was sorry to read you may not get to Stratford this summer. I was hoping to see you at the TPT for Brel. I am working there for the summer and get to see it almost every show. I thank you so much for the c.d. and the introduction to the music. The patrons are begging for a c.d.of our cast but that’s likely not going to happen.
    I wish you a great time in New York with Priscilla. I already have my ticket for Nov. 20.

  3. Hi, Thom,
    I’m so glad to hear that you’ll be posting more about New York – I already know what your reaction will be to this, the same as everyone else’s – I have never been to New York either! I’ve vicariously enjoyed it through Bethany and Mitchell’s trips only! So now I’ll see it through your eyes and perhaps at some point I’ll get there!
    So proud of you!

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