Here we are, the first DonnaBlog.  I’m excited.  So you’ll always be able to find the blogs about Priscilla and New York.  This first blog is about having measurements done.

So a week ago last Tuesday I went to Manitoba Theatre Centre here in Winnipeg to meet the lovely Lorraine to have measurements done and sent to New York so they can start working on my costumes.  Good God, people.  They took every measurement  you could imagine.  They could literally make a whole other “me” out of muslin now.   Seriously, every inch of me, it felt like, was measured and notated – from head to toe. Including foot tracing, measurement all over my feet, ankles, and calves for boots to be made, measurements for tights.  Tights – a 6 letter word for “what have I done to deserve this?”  I’ve seen the youtube videos and we pretty much have to wear everything you can imagine wearing.
Oh, in other Priscilla news, they have finally cast the role of the third part of the trio.  Nick Adams, who was originally cast as ensemble, is now playing Adam/Felicia.  I’ve been looking at youtube of him.  I don’t even know the guy but I feel so happy for him.  He’s been doing stuff on Broadway for the last few years but this is his first lead. He seems like a really nice guy so it’s a big break for him.  Love that.

Other than that, we start rehearsals in 4 1/2 weeks, y’all.   Woohoo.  There will be so much more to come.

DonnaBlogs – keeping your foot in Priscilla’s shoe and giving you a taste of the Big Apple

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  1. Is the Priscilla that is playing in Toronto this fall with the Broadway cast?

    • It is indeed, Glenn.

  2. Hi Thom:

    Thanks for the first edition of Donnablog. Last year Roberta Maxwell, took me on a tour of the Festival Theatre. We went into all the cutting rooms, and the fabric rooms and even the little room where actors are measured and fitted for their costumes. I imagine you have been in that same room several times during your time here. Although where you are, might be entirely different, I will for now imagine you in that little room surrounded on three sides by mirrors, standing on a little wooden box, getting measured for your costume.

    I know you will not know your time, once you are in New York, and blogging does take up a certain amount of it, but I want you to know that I appreciate any effort, and look forward to my visit to New York City, through your eyes.

    I thought you might also like to know how this year’s Stratford season is progressing. We have seen all the offerings except Evita, and I have to say that every single one, has been exceptional. Jacques Brel is glorious, Peter Pan amazing and As You Like It, which is perhaps my favourite, is a delight. Ticket sales seem good, lots of tourists in town, so all in all, it looks like it will be a profitable season for both the Festival and the town. Hopefully someday, down the road, your journey will bring you back, to tread the boards here.

    Thanks again for the update, I look forward to your next installment.

    • I’m so sad I won’t be able to see anything at Stratford this year. But I’m thrilled to hear that it’s a been a year of enjoyable offerings. I would love to come back to Stratford one day. It was very good to me for several years. You never know the journey one goes on.

      As for the DonnaBlogs (I so enjoyed writing that. It even looks cool.), there will be many more to come.

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