FOOTWEAR AND SONDHEIM AND DRAG – OH MY!!!    So we are clipping along.  I’m so happy to say, there is not a single number so far that I’m dreading having to do for a long period of time.  ahahaha  I won’t lie, sometimes there can be a number or part of a number that, as performers, we end up not liking for a whole run.  But moi????  Loving all of it.  We are now into act 2.  There are such hilarious bits.  Yesterday we did the ending number of act 1.   The number is the disco anthem I Will Survive.  Let me just say this, I play a the Scottish drag tourist (the ‘wife’ half of a Scottish couple) and I do a Scottish fling through most of the number.  Yes, that’s right, I’m doing a Scottish fling in drag to I Will Survive.  Let that be the tone of the fantastic insanity that we get to play around with.  And today, we did the Les Girls number where all  but one of the men of the ensemble – and only the men – will be in full showgirl drag, complete with waist cincher, “bunny”-style costume and full feathered headdress.   Then in another scene, we are working class guys at a bar who are, to put it mildly, surprised to see the 7 foot tall drag queens walk in.  Hi-larious.

So two nights ago, I went to see A Little Night Music for the second time.  I had seen it when I was here in February (or March) and had seen Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Landsbury  perform the roles of Desiree and her mother, Madame Armfeldt, respectively.  Miss Landsbury was pretty fantastic.   So I really wanted to see the show again now that Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch had taken over the roles.  I have to say that in the scene where “Send In The Clowns” occurs as well as the song itself, Bernadette Peters did one of the best versions of both I think I’ve ever scene (Goldie Semple sharing the top honours for me).  For those of you who don’t know the scene, Desiree asks her married former lover, with whom she’s just rekindled a romance, if he might want to leave his questionable marriage and start over with her.  He lovingly turns her down. What was so astonishing was that, even though she knew he very well might say no, you could feel her surprise at how devastated she was by his rejection.  It was excruciating to watch her try not to fall apart in front of him – both for him and for her.  I LOVE LIVE THEATRE!!!!

Then there was Elaine Stritch.  She’s just funny.  She can make anything . . . funny.  I’m not sure she is the best choice for Madame Armfeldt, Desiree’s mother and former courtesan, but I was thrilled to see her do it.  She is a pro and she can weave a spell over you but just waiting to land a line.  It was pretty impressive.

So I’ve been really enjoying getting to know this cast.  It’s a lovely group of mostly young-ish persons.  And a couple of slightly more mature individuals.  Ahem. One of my favourite people is Mr. Nathan Lee Graham.  (He just needs a Mister in front of his name because he is so fierce.)  Okay actually, he is so fierce, he will have to be Miss Nathan Lee Graham.  Voila.

In the furor of getting here for rehearsals, I forgot to bring any kind of rehearsal heels.  So we’ve been doing all of these ‘girl’ numbers.  And Karen, my roomie in Toronto, is away for a few more days.  Do I wait and ask her to UPS the heels to me???  How much will that cost???  Do I bother?  When are we getting show shoes (which I heard could be next week)?  But I really feel like I need to be in some kind of heels.  So the lovely, generous and fabulous Miss Nathan Lee Graham offers to take me looking for shoes.  Okay now, let’s be clear about something, I have size 12 feet . . . . (waiting for your recovery)  . . . and in women’s shoes, that’s a 14 . . . . . (again, waiting) so we hit about 5 different places today after rehearsal.  We were on our way to the garment district to find some kind of hooker’s shoe emporium, when we passed our 3rd or 4th Payless.  We thought, what the hell?   We went in and started looking. Almost immediately, MNLG pulls out this pair of 13’s that are round-toed (ie have more room for the toes which is always my problem). THEY FIT BEAUTIFULLY, with a little room to add some insoles.  And the best part.  THEY WERE $22.99.  With insoles, it came to $24 and change. hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahahahah  Now I know the universe has a sense of humour but I didn’t think it would use a $23 pair of shoes as an excuse for MNLG and I to get to know each other.  But there you are.  I like him a great deal and I hope he and I have many more talks together.  Yes, he is funny and talented but there is a soul there I want to get to know more.  Good times, ma peeps.  (look at me, going all gh-tto)

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  1. Hi Thom:

    Well it certainly sounds as if you are enjoying your new role, as well as NYC. Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop, I am really enjoying the Donna Blogs.

    • It’s my joy and pleasure to share this experience with whoever wants to come along on the Journey, Donna. Thanks for inspiring the “all-inclusive” spirit (not to mention the name) of the Donna Blogs.

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