So we’re at the end of a very long period of rehearsal.  11 days in a row.  But the great thing is we now have the next two days off and it’s supposed to be beautiful outside.  I want to hit the gym, start to really learn the stuff for my understudies and do some exploring.  We ran through the first act and half of the second today.  Yes, that’s right, we’ve come that far already.  I mean, some of it is still in rough shape but we still have 3 more weeks of rehearsal until we come back to Toronto and then we have another 2 weeks.  Plus previews.  I have to say though, the show is hilarious.  If Tony Sheldon isn’t nominated for a Tony, I will be shocked.

Back to New York – I have to say I’ve seen so many people that one only sees in magazines normally.  Men and women who are so buff and put together.  It’s a little unnverving but pretty amazing to look at.  A beautiful black woman (for those of you who want political correctness . . . go to another blog – I’m black, I get to say it) who had a little too much hair in her weave but was stunning, wearing a lovely sundress and she had the most amazing breasts I’ve ever seen live.  Her skin was a rich chocolate brown and her breasts where so full and gorgeous and though not 20-year-old perky, were so incredibly shaped and clearly real.  It was fantastic.  Then not two blocks later, her male counterpart, except his chest was as high and as tight as a pair could be.  He was about 6′ 4″ and built like a tank.  Huge and  . . .made of metal  . . no wait, guns, that’s it.  Big arms, chest, body-builder magazine proportions.  It’s quite amazing to see.  It’s inspiring.

I know there hasn’t been a lot of New York stuff yet but because we’ve been in rehearsal for most of it without a real day off, I haven’t had the time or energy to do much exploring.  But I hope to have a great blog for you guys after the next two days.  I think I’m hitting an exploring day with my friend, Danielle, tomorrow.

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  1. Thom, you are my HERO. I love reading your blog. I may just have to plan a trip to NYC to see you in the show!

  2. Hi Thom, you are a special guy! Thanks for this part of you, so sparkle like a glass of champagne!!! Kisses and hugs!

    • Thanks Ariell. Happy to share the experience.

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