Sorry for the long silence.  So many things to talk about.  I may have to do this in two blogs.  Well let me work backwards.  Yesterday evening was the Priscilla launch to . . . well I’m still not totally sure to whom.  I heard it wasn’t media.  It was all of the people who sell tickets – group sales, etc. in NYC.  It was held at the Ambassador Theater where CHICAGO is playing right now. (But Wednesday is their dark night)

The main producer from Australia, Gary, spoke, along with our wonderful director, Simon.  And what was so wonderful is that they are both so charming.  Gary is slightly shy but with a warm manner and smile and then Simon is funny and charming and easy.  They introduced several scenes and songs from the show and showed a video.  Then they announce to everyone for the first time, the real dates and theater of the New York run.  So here we go.   We preview on Feb. 28 and we open Mar. 20 at  . . . . . . . (drum roll please) . . . . .  The legendary Palace Theater.    WEST SIDE STORY is in there now.  But they got their closing notice yesterday afternoon.  Yikes!!!! Apparantly it’s  gorgeous theatre and one of the only ones that is actually LITERALLY right on Broadway.  Here, I just found some pics.  Let’s take a pictorial tour, shall we, munchkins?  Here is the outside.  It’s pretty crazy looking on the outside and small too but it opens up behind into a huge theatre.

Then we have a shot of the foyer – so this is the view facing the street you see above.

Then here is an angled view of the inside of the theatre. It gives you a taste of the stage and the audience.

Pretty old school swanky, hmmmm??? Woohoo.  It suddenly became so real seeing some of the costumes at the launch and the numbers.  This is really happening.  Very exciting.

I’ve run out of time for right now but I’ll try to get off another DonnaBlog later on.    I have several things to talk about.

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  1. Some kinds of “Moulin rouge” perfumes are coming to my nose! old school yes but so exciting for you I guess!

  2. Hi Thom: Great tour, beautiful theatre. I imagine it will be almost magical to be on that stage. Does the inside lobby not remind you of the Elgin on Yonge?

    • That’s just what I was thinking, Donna. It really does have that feeling doesn’t it. They were probably of the same era.

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