Hey kids,

Tony Sheldon just sent us a little YouTube taste of the bus being tested in Toronto.  Just to get our appetites whetted.   A sneak peak.

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  1. You have always been such a tease! So looking forward to October 12th! Soak your feet, you know it hurts to be beautiful!

  2. HI Thom: Thanks for giving us a sneak peek at the bus. I think we shall have to take a drive to T.O. and catch the show, although I was hoping for NYC.

    I am glad you took my comment in jest, as that was how it was meant. As a “civilian” I thought I would just give my perspective on actors and the acting community.

    We live very close to the Festival Theatre, or the “big house: as we call it. I see the actors arriving in early February to begin rehersals. I see them arrive early in the morning and leave many hours later in the dark of night. I know I could not even begin to know the amount of work that goes into mounting a production. I also know that I would not have the stamina to do half of what the actors do. It makes me so angry when a critic, (and one in particular who shall remain nameless), comes to a show, and maybe because his pasta wasn’t cooked quite right at Pazzo’s, arrives at the theatre, knives drawn looking for blood. With one stroke of his mighty pen, he can in a minute, destroy all the months, days and hours of hard work spent getting ready to mount that show.

    I have learned one thing living in this theatre town, the theatre community is most generous with their time and talents. One Monday night we attended the Pal benefit, and although most involved with the benefit are in two or three shows, they still put on one of most enjoyable evenings in the theatre I have experienced.

    So that Thom is my two cents, of course I can only speak from what I see in Stratford, but I would guess it is much the same for most theatre companies, lots of hard work and sore feet. Thanks for giving me a little inside peek, it is most interesting.

    • Donna, you are a darling and I absolutely knew you didn’t mean anything by the comment. That is why I felt I could use that to share an insight and why I also wanted to make clear in the blog that you were in jest since I was drawing attention to it and I didn’t want you to have anyone thinking negatively of it. You have inspired many wonderful things and thoughts in this series. I thank YOU.

      And that is a wonderful perspective you shared. Thank you for that.

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