Here I am back in Toronto, in my own place.  But I don’t feel like I can call these installments from Canada “DonnaBlogs” because the DonnaBlogs are supposed to be about Priscilla and the New York Experience.  Hmmmm  Okay I think I have only done this once or twice in my blogs before but I am going to do a poll.  Who thinks I should still call them the DonnaBlogs all the way along the Priscilla experience and who thinks they should only be while we’re (me literally and you vicariously through me) in New York.   Seriously.  I’d love to know.  Leave a comment.  Only nice things, remember.  I don’t do slagging in my blog nor do I accept it.

What else could I call them in Canada???  Hmmmm  Okay this could be fun.  I can feel that this particular blog entry is about to get very interactive.  So let’s see. What could some names be.  (In case any of you are wondering, I am literally making this shit up as I go along.)  Let me make a list and you all can tell me which one you like.  Okay here we go.

1.  The Pink Beaver

2. BeaverBlog

3. MapleDrag

4. Bloggerella

5. DragTime

6. MapleBus

7. BusStop

8. BeaverBus (my personal favourite so far – patriotic and just a bit dirty)

Okay so, let me know what you guys think or feel free to suggest one of your own.

Or, as I say, should they remain the DonnaBlogs.  Tell me what you think.  Just scroll down to the small print under the blog where it says comments . . . then make one.

I must add onto this.  When I get back to New York, the blogs, as long as I’m in Priscilla will be the DonnaBlogs. This is just for the journey in Canada.  To change or not to change . . .  help me decide people.

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  1. Hi Thom, well, if you allow it, I’ll choose Bus stop, for many reasons, but the first reason reminds me this wonderful and mythical movie with Marilyn, this photography of the graceful blonde with her fishnet stockings, so glamourous (as you are in your way!), the second reason it’s about THE Priscilla Bus, even if you write in the future from anywhere place in the world, the Bus Stop could tell your chronicles at any moment at any part of the world , wherever is the place you will be,your bus will bring us in your world, something of cosmopolitan, “the Nomadic bus of Thom”.
    Have a nice day Thom!Lots of Love from France!

    • Noted Ariell and beautifully explained. Thanks for the input. 🙂

  2. Hi Thom: I wasn’t sure if I should send my comments or not, as I might be a wee bit prejudiced, but if you do change the name (temporarily of course), I like Bus Stop, as Toronto is the Bus Stop just before NYC and Broadway.

    • Donna, of course you should send your comments. I’m so glad you did. And I want to make clear, it’s because the Priscilla/New York/you connection is very special to me that I had the impulse to keep it all connected. It’s not because it wasn’t important enough to stay through Toronto. Toronto is going to be so much about just Priscilla, I didn’t want the DonnaBlogs to become ordinary as a whole experience since after we are open in Toronto, there won’t necessarily be as much Priscilla content either. I becomes more of a job except for the odd appearance, etc. It’s not full of everyday newness like it was in New York and will be until opening. I hope that all makes sense. Basically what I’m saying is I like the idea of keeping the DonnaBlogs special and connected to Priscilla in New York.

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