We’ve had some long days, people.  And we haven’t even hit the loooong days yet.  We’ve basically been teching the show for the last several days.  It’s the last day of the week today and we are incorporating costumes for the first time.  It’s going to be crazy but so fantastic.  I can’t wait.  It’s going to be a crazy.  I’m pretty sure we won’t get through the whole show.  There is lots to talk through as we go.  Basically the backstage has to be choreographed just as much as everything offstage.  Those poor dressers.  We’ve had 6 weeks to get this together, they’ve only had 1.  There are eleven dressers on the show already and they’re not sure that will be enough.  We’re going to have almost as many dressers as people on stage.  Never seen that before.  But when you see the show, you’ll see why.  The thing is, in the scenes with intricate, incredible costumes, most everyone is in something that is involved to get into and we don’t have lots of time, so many dressers are a necessity.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime.  I’m got a couple of treats for you.  Here is a shot I took of the Casino set during tech yesterday.  It doesn’t give a huge idea of what is going on.  It’s during a moment of waiting for something and that is Dean, our associate director, just about to walk off the stage (there is a staircase beneath him, don’t worry).

And because I treasure all of you people who read my ramblings, here is a shot of my favourite costume of mine.  It’s from the funeral scene.  The funeral is for Bernadette’s young boyfriend, Trumpet, who has accidentally asphyxiated.  All of the costumes are incredible in this scene. The idea behind the design is all of Trumpet and Bernadette’s friends heard the funeral was the next day and made themselves fabulous couture outfits to outdo each other.  The costume is minus the make-up mask and my wig, which is blond and in the shape of a crucifix, but I couldn’t resist showing it to you so you know who to look for in that scene. FYI: that’s a costume rack behind me, not a headpiece or anything.

I mean, come on!!!!  And that’s not even the best costume in the show.  (Well, it sort of is but maybe not the most outrageous. 😉 ) And that’s not gold on the dress, it’s black but because of the shine, it glitters whatever colour is shone on it.  Yeah, baby.

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  1. Thom … you look mahvalous dahling just mahvalous !!
    Can hardly wait … 3 weeks tomorrow!

    When I came back to work at MH after the Film Festival I noticed the big marquee at the front was finally changed … yeah! OH, and whats with that big platform at back of theatre?? Thought that was just for when they were moving stuff in but seems like it is permanent?? Hope you are getting some time to enjoy some of the restauarants in the area so many to tempt you. Good thing there is a Timmies at the corner for your coffee needs!

    See you “girls” soon .. lol. Sharon

  2. my heart is bursting!!!! i am so thrilled for you.

    this reminds me of 1st year theatre school when we were joined at the hip and you would come to my house on geoffrey street. remember all my GOWNS from second hand stores? glorious sequins and shimmer…doing my hair and makeup…seminal memories, my friend…

    knock ’em dead!

    h xo

  3. Damned! I’m jealous!!! what a glamourous dress…
    I want to discover soon all the outrageous look! with make up and wig!!! Hugs from France dear Thom

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