So what’s happened since the last installment?  Well, I went to see the new production of AIDA at the COC on Monday night.  Now I’m not a reviewer so this isn’t a review, just my observations.  There was some absolutely beautiful singing and some very good singing.  The lady singing Aida had the most beautiful voice – supple, emotional, technically immaculate.  I loved listening to her.  And the man who played her father, my God, an incredible baritone – dramatic, full, agile.  The gentleman playing the romantic hero, Radames, and the lady playing the princess, Amneris, had very good voices but, for me, lacked the power  and passion those roles really required.  So the story felt a bit unbalanced.  I do have to say that the concept for the production didn’t really live up to the beauty and grandeur of the music.  It was rather bleak and I LOVE  to have the tension of the content and physical production be diametrically opposed if it actually manages to tell the story better.   But this story, which is about a slave girl who’s transcendent fortitude as an undisclosed Ethiopian princess who captures the heart of a major head of the army of the enemy of her people, just doesn’t work when she’s now a cleaning lady in an oppressive non-specific corporate empire.  I just found it hard to believe this “general” would fall in love with a woman who is delivering urinal cakes to the lavatories of his boss’ business headquarters.  I couldn’t imagine how that would have started.  How would they have met?  “Excuse me, young lady, but just looking at your ass as you squat over that toilet makes me think we should go for a drink after you’ve managed to squeeze out of your poo-covered rubber gloves.”  And the opera starts when they already fully in love.  I couldn’t buy it.    Anyway, it was great to hear the music sung live.  I’m in no way an opera officianato (sp?) but I did enjoy the score.  The orchestra sounded wonderful and the chorus sang their asses off.

Other than that, show, show, show!!!  We are rock stars every night.  Truly, it’s been craziness.  The audiences are mad for the show every night.  Jumping to their feet and cheering, screaming, loving it.  It’s pretty fantastic.  And I’ve gotten so many e-mails and messages from people saying what a great time they had and they can’t wait to come back. I’m telling you AGAIN, Toronto is going to fall in love with this show.  And Broadway is going to lose its mind.  I think the show will run for years.  It’s going to be a lovely way to enter the Great White Way.

On the not so great side, my feet still hurt like hell..  hahahahahaha   It’s the 4 1/2 hour rehearsals in heels.  The heels themselves aren’t horrible. It’s that we’re standing or dancing in them for hours.  But that will be fine in a week.   I love that the creative team is still being just that.  They are still fixing and improving.  Andy, our choreographer, is still changing and fine-tuning numbers.  I do adore him.  He’s always so supportive and encouraging.  He wants everything to be just right and I’m always willing to make something better.  He’s also, clearly, very patient as whenever he makes major changes, I screw up something a little bit a couple of times before it’s in my body since I’m not a dancer.  But he’s never anything but kind and buoyant.  I’m a fan.

So the rest of this week is rehearsals and shows and getting ready for the cancer benefit on Monday night, then opening on Tuesday and I think we start understudy rehearsals on Friday.  hahaha  Bring it.  Then two shows Saturday, one show Sunday, Halloween on Sunday night (not sure what I’ll do yet), and probably something fun on Monday the day off since Tuesday is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!  WOOHOO!!!!  Not sure what I’ll be doing yet but I’ve got some tentative plans.

Okay, got some stuff to do then off to rehearsal.  I just wanted to say hi to you kids.

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  1. thank you Thom for the update, where is the Cancer Benefit?

  2. Hi Thom: Two more days until we come to the show, I can’t wait. I will try to come see you after, but I am not driving this trip, so I have to follow the driver. If we don’t make it to the stage door, it won’t be for lack of trying on my part. I hope you have a very happy birthday on Tuesday.

    • No problem, Donna. I just hope you have a wonderful time. Are you at the matinee or evening?

    • Nevermind, I just looked at your previous message. The evening show. If I see you, that would be great but I get that it’s late and it takes me about 15 minutes to get out of everything. But have a wonderful time.

  3. Thom … OMG … you guys really work your asses off in that show. Totally amazingly fantastic. Costumes and choregraphy and all the performances are beyond belief. Will be coming again for sure. Please keep us informed if you find out you are going on as Bernadette, I will run across street and get a ticket. You guys rock!!

    • Thanks Sharron. So glad you enjoyed it. That’s what we want to hear.

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