Hi kids.  Sorry I’ve been quiet for so long.  Lots going on but not lots going on.  We’ve had some injuries and illness going on in the cast.  There is a some cold-like disease going around.  I had it and it turned into bronchitis which is never fun but now I’m done with it.  But I hurt my knee on Saturday night.  At the top of the second act, we bring audience members onstage and then dance with them.  At one point we do a polka.  Well, my lady on Saturday night was a little over-enthusiastic and she wanted to lead.  In the ensuing “skirmish”( as I like to call it), I wrenched a ligament in my knee.  I didn’t have to miss a show but I did have to alter some stuff.  And yesterday we had one of our Divas go down.  They’ve been working so hard, performing on talk shows, etc.  Her voice just decided it had enough.  But the good news is Ellyn, one of our female swings (all-purpose understudies) went on and was amazing.  She was nervous but you would never have known.  Brava.

The show is going really well.  The audiences are loving it.  Seriously.  It’s been pretty great.  The show gets easier the more we get it in our bodies.  And understudy rehearsals are going well.  The more I learn of Tony’s stuff, the better I feel.  I’m able now to keep an eye on some of Tony’s stuff while on stage in the show now.  My God, it’s like watching a masterclass in how to craft a performance and surf an audience.  He really is incredible.  I couldn’t have a clearer roadmap.

Other than that, life is busy and I feel like the universe is getting me ready for a whole new sense of my life.  I really do.  It’s kooky.  There are these things going on that feel like I’m being tested, prepared and gifted (ie, being given gifts).  My business manager and I decided that because of the move to NYC, it would be better to start taking care of my own affairs and because the company is also closing it’s doors after about 50 years, as the owner is now in his eighties and has had enough, yesterday I went and collected all of my stuff.  It really does feel like I’m leaving to begin a whole new adventure.  Exciting and scary.

I also keep getting asked to do more events while I’m here in Canada which is wonderful and fun.  So add Nov. 22 to your calendar.  I’ll be a guest soloist at the Gilda’s Club benefit at the Princess of Wales Theatre that night.  Very honoured and excited.  I feel like there is so much to do before I leave.  Not the least of which is find a place to live in NYC.  Woohoo.

So my life is  just getting my world together, learning my understudy stuff, getting to the gym, and doing the show.  I’m filled with gratitude these days.  So much to be grateful for.

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