I just watched the last episode of Glee.  (Not the last one ever, but the most recent one that just aired in this season).  I’ve gone a bit up and down with the show.  I really liked it, then I wasn’t sure, now I’m really enjoying it again.  What I’m so thrilled and struck by is the response to the show. I love that people are letting story-telling music back into their lives.    What do I mean by “story-telling” music?  I mean music that is used to further a story along – it’s very theatrical.   It reminds me of how powerful music can be.  I don’t know if there is a single person who doesn’t have some kind of music or a certain song that they attach to a moment in their lives, a person, an event.  I love having music be such a huge part of my life.  I kind of can’t believe now that I never intended to be a singer.  It wasn’t on my radar.  Now, all I want to do is tell stories in song.  I love that I can craft an evening out of music – create an arc, link the songs thematically. That’s all very exciting to me.

I realize more and more these days just how much I need that outlet.  I’ve actually been thinking – for the first time as an adult, that it may be time to start writing.  (“But you’re writing right now, Thom”)  I know, but actually writing.  I suddenly dawned on me the other day, I’ve now been published in two magazines.  One was the article I did about the release of the OUTRAGEOUS dvd and the other was for the opening of PRISCILLA.  I’m actually a “published” writer but I’ve never stopped to give myself any credit for that.  Now having said that, let’s be clear, I’m not equating myself with Shakespeare, Stephen King or even Danielle Steele but the point is, I’ve maintained for years that I don’t write  . . . . but if I can have two pieces published while “not even trying”, then imagine what I could do if I started to get out of my own way.  Aha, I knew I’d find a theme for this entry.  Getting Started or Getting Our Of Your Own Way.  I think it’s time to start writing . . . . something.  What???!!  I don’t know.  I’m not sure if that’s important.  Just something.  I’m finding I really enjoy writing this blog.  I like adding new entries.  I feel like I need more to write about.  My days don’t seem packed with enough stuff. I mean, yes, I’m busy but it’s a lot of the same experiences.

It is definitely time to start a new chapter in the Thom Allison Book of Bits.  I want to go to New York, do my show, do another show or two, then start really doing concert and cabaret work.  Maybe try film and TV again.  I feel like I need/want to start filling my world with new experiences.  My life has been so work-centric for so many years.  I feel like I need/want more “life” in my life.  You know what I mean?  It has started already but now I’m just getting hungrier.  There are changes happening and they are good.  I’m having growing pains though.  I can feel the universe is pushing me in directions that will ultimately be good but right now are a bit caustic.  hahahahah  Wow, that’s quite the word but it is a bit apt.  But that’s okay.  I always know that adversity leads to incredible, life-changing growth and that’s what I want.

It’s so important to be grateful and gracious in the tougher times.  I think the universe takes note of how you weather the uncomfortable or challenging times and rewards you if you can stay humble, still give thanks for the multitude of good things that continue to come your way, and remain good-spirited.  It’s also a much easier way to move through the world.

Now having said all that, I don’t want anyone to think I’m having a bad time in my life right now.  Not at all.  I’m on the verge of something really wonderful, I can feel it.  There are great changes afoot (how often does one get to use the word “afoot” and in the proper context? Oooh I’m free-wheelin’ now.)   Every day is a new adventure.

What I’m particularly happy and glad about is all of the gigs I’m being asked to do while I’m still in Toronto.  It’s flattering and humbling and exciting.  It’s a wonderful way to leave the country.  I do the salon benefit for Acting Up Stage on Sunday night – oh my God, that’s tomorrow. Eek!!  I hope I don’t suck.  Then I do the benefit for Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Youth, “Shameless” at Buddies In Bad Times on the next Sunday, Nov. 21, then the Gilda’s Club benefit on the Monday after, Nov. 22.  Then I think that’s it right now until Christmas Eve at Roy Thompson Hall.  Although I feel like I’m forgetting something.  I’ll figure it out.  I’m excited to do my first cabaret in New York.  Don’t know when or where but I will definitely be doing one.  Well, more than one.  I know I have to for my soul to feel expressed now.  I really do think it’s a gateway to becoming the person/performer I’m meant to become.

I have a young cousin who, in tough times, I would tell/remind that “you create your own reality”.  It is what I’m reminding myself and all of you of right now.  We all have the power to create the world we want to live in, both in our immediate lives and the world at large.  If you believe it and work towards what you want . . . . . wait, how do I want to say this? . . . When you gain clarity and ask the universe for what you want, the universe hears you.  It’s just that the universe can’t really give you something if you don’t know what it is you want.  Be bold, dream big, believe in your worthiness of achieving it and watch how your life will unfold before you.

To quote Auntie Mame:  “Life is a banquet and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death.”  Take a bite out of life and keep eating; gorge yourself on your own possibilities, my dears.  Happy Today!!!!

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