I know, I know and I’m sorry. It’s been too long.  My God, what has been going on.  Where to start????  Well understudy rehearsals have been going really well.  We’ve sort of gotten through everything now but it’s really laying it in and going over more choreography to solidify.  It’s been great to get even a small sense of how the show runs for Tony.  It’s quite extraordinary.  Once he starts, he doesn’t stop and there is such a fine line between being grand and being haughty.  One can be fun, the other can be a off-putting for an audience.   Tony maneuvers all of her ups and downs so beautifully, it’s both informative and still a little daunting.  So that’s going well.

On the benefit front.  I don’t know if I talked about the concert last week.  The one for Mitchell Marcus’ company, ACTING UP STAGE.


It was at Patti and John Loach’s place.  The have a gorgeous place with a salon space in the kitchen with a grand piano.  We had a nice full house and Wayne played beautifully.  It was  a great night.  Money was made, good times where had.  There was a nice visit at the end of the night with just a handful of us.  It was nice to do an evening of songs I love to sing.  I look forward to many more of those.

Then this past Sunday night, I performed two songs at Buddies In Bad Times for an event called Shameless which was to support the wonderful gay/lesbian/transgendered teen programs that Buddies is responsible for.


It was hosted by Ari Weinberg and had a great lineup of guests.  My buddy Sharron Matthews completely knocked it out of the park with her mini-set.  She constantly shows why she is the best cabaret performer in Canada.  It was great.  I sang Lovely Day To Be Outta Jail from the Cy Coleman musical, The Life and then I sang Gorgeous, from The Apple Tree.  It went well.  I was a little tired.  These weeks have been long but it was still really fun.

Then last night, I sang for It’s Always Something, the yearly benefit for Gilda’s Club, now in it’s 9th year.


It was created in the name of Canadian comic, Gilda Radner who died of cancer over a decade ago.  I have to admit I’ve always wanted to be asked to perform for them.  They have gotten such A-list talent over the years and this year they asked me to do the number that follows the touching testimonial  from someone who’s life, Gilda’s Club has touched.  It was  great honour and it went really well.  The lovely woman who gave the speech was a mother of a 4 year who has stage 4 (terminal) cancer.  The speech was beautiful and I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  Then I went out and sang “Infinite Joy” from Elegies, by William Finn. It was an amazing moment for me.  Then two numbers later, the cast of Priscilla and I sang We Belong from the end of our show and that was the finale.  What a great night.  Then there was a wonderful party in the lobbies afterwards.  Really fun.

And that is it until Dec. 24 when I sing with the Metropolitan Community Church choir on at Roy Thomson Hall.



Hallelujah.  It’s been amazing but now it’s time to sleep.  Whew!!  I can actually get some rest and have a day off next week.  It will have been 4 weeks since I got a day off and I’m a little weary.  I wouldn’t have said no to a single benefit though.  It’s been wonderful.

The only other thing I may do now is I may do a “goodbye for now” cabaret in Toronto in January.  I have to see how that pans out.  What else do I have to do . . . ???  Oh yeah, FIND A PLACE TO LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY.  Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Yes, my friends, it is time to find a place to live. If anyone has any leads, please let me know.  Ideally not a sublet but an actual available apartment would be great.

And I will have a little bit of cool news soon.  Can’t tell at the moment but I will hopefully get the news in the next couple of days.  Stay tuned.  And thank you all for reading and coming on this journey with  me.  It’s been such a joy to share it with you.  It will be a fun to return to the “DonnaBlogs” and they WILL be returning once we get back to New York in February.  It’s a wild ride, my dears, a wild, sequin-encrusted ride.

I’ll leave you with this fascinating thought.  We wear so much glitter on our lips in the show.  Where does all of that glitter go that we end up swallowing????


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  1. You make my day.

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