You know how every now and then you feel like you are on the edge of a life altering change of self?  Like who you are and how you walk through the world is about to change?  I woke up to that feeling today and then saw that gorgeous snow falling and making everything look clean and new.  As successful as I have been, and I’ll take a moment here to thank the universe, I don’t feel like I’ve nearly lived up to my potential.  I feel like I’ve hidden my creative self behind fussy busy-ness and food.  This morning, I felt this sudden primal call within me to strip away the fears and anxieties and move toward that man/performer/person (not necessarily in that order) that I am inside.  Life is too short and here I am in my 40th year. (I’m 39 but in the year of becoming 40) I don’t want another moment wasted if I can help it.  I’m getting clearer about what I want and I know some of how to move towards that.

I feel very inspired to start making different choices.  In the vein of “if this one choice you make keeps bringing you a result you don’t like, make a different choice and see if you get a different result.”  Then just keep making a different choice until you get the result you want.  I want to achieve so much more in my life.  I want to share whatever talents I have with as many people as I can.  I’m tired of still at this point in my career feeling like I’m not good enough.  Then watching others pass me by.  Screw that.  Okay.  Step by step.  Well . . . .I’m about to put on some big-ass shoes and start stepping all over the freakin’ place.  Let’s see how that choice works out.

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  1. i just love this post thom, and your others! you are fabulous! xoxo

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