Another long break between entries.  Sorry y;all.  It was crazy Christmas time.  What a great holiday.  But before we get to that.  I have a confession to make.  I went on for one of my understudies.  Not Bernadette, so everyone just calm down.  Also not for Miss Understanding.  I went on for Jimmy, the aboriginal guy the ladies meet in the desert at the end of act 1.    No one thought that that would happen as I was the second understudy but due to a twist of fate . . . there I was . . . . shirtless . . . . blonde locked . . . . in a diaper . . . of sorts.  Why God, why??!!!  But it turned out okay. I just didn’t want anyone I knew there  before I knew I could at least pull it off even half-way.   I’m even including a photo.  So there you go.

Christmas was so great.  Spent it with some people who are very dear to me.  Old friends, new friends.   We had a show in the afternoon on the 24th.   Then I sang at the service at Roy Thomson Hall that night.  It was a wonderful night.  Truly.  The service is always beautiful.  My song went alright.  I was feeling a bit of the chest cold that has been trying to take hold but I felt very present and the crowds seemed to appreciate the sentiment of it.  Had a wonderful Christmas day (no show).  Then did some shopping on Boxing Day.  I love a good sale.  Then we had a show that night.  A really good balance.  The only surprise was that I had to go on again for Jimmy as the actor who plays him was caught in the crazy freak snow storm in New York.  Same thing for the 27th.  But he’s back tonight so I won’t be on for that role.  Back in my track tonight and that’s okay.

So here we are with 8 shows left, including tonight. It’s so crazy but it will be good to have a palate cleanser.  Lots to do in the 6 week break.  I’ve got my cabaret on Jan. 9.  Then I will probably have to pop into New York to look at places, then something else . . .that I can’t talk about yet,  . . . then . . . well, something else I can’t talk about.   hahahah  I’m not trying to torture you, I just can’t talk about the last two things yet.  Soon, I promise.  Then some time at the beginning of February, I’ll have to do the big move to NYC.  Wow.  A bit surreal.  I’ll admit.  In the midst of all of that, I need to pack and organize and throw out.  God help me. But I gotta say, I love purging – making room in ones life for the freshness of something new.  It’s a healthy feeling.

There hasn’t been much else going on really.  Just the show.  People have been getting a wicked virus going around so we’ve had swings on (swings = general understudies).  But nothing major.  You can tell that people are really wanting and indeed needing to go home.  It’s hard being away for a long time and over the holidays.  It will be great for people to get back to their partners and homes and dogs and lattes and lives.  A little bit of New Year’s comfort.  And I get to be the tourist.  Woohoo.

Which also means, we’re not far away from a loving return to the . . . (drum roll) . . . . DONNABLOGS.  It’ll be like coming home.

So nothing left to say but a belated MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE.  And an incredibly JOYFUL NEW YEAR!

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This is way overdue.  My God, it’s been a long time.  I’m not even sure what I said last time and what I didn’t.  And I won’t lie to you, my peeps, I’m too tired to go back and look.  so I’ll just start with what’s been recent.  Our director, Simon Phillips, and our choreographer, Andy Hallsworth were in town and they workshopped/rechoreographed our opening number.  It was fascinating. It really felt like we were putting together a new show.  Well, to be specific, they did two versions of it.  They retooled the opening number we have now – ie. Andy re-choreographed the second half of it.  Then we spent 3 days reworking the number, adding music and changing choreography that will be implimented in New York.  We can’t put it in here because  . . . well, . . . .we took a video of it the last time through to send to Spud, the musical supervisor, so he can reorchestrate it.  Simon felt like we could be telling the story better off the top.  Love him.  It’s actually going to be really cool.  And on top of that, there will also be new costumes for the opening that will be fantastic.  They showed us the drawings.  A-mah-zing.   Hot and funky and pop-y.  It will be a very different and very dynamic opening number when we get to New York . . . and it’s cool now.

Oh, the National Post did an article about me that has an online video portion. It’s fun.  I’ve included the link below.


I spent an afternoon getting in and out of some of my costumes from the show.  It was really fun.  The interviewer,  Karen Hawthorne, was a hoot and we laughed a lot.  It turned out okay.  I don’t know if we are ever really happy with the outcome of this sort of thing.  We always wish we had been funnier or more charming or blah, blah, blah.  But it’s okay.

Now I’m starting to get ready for my upcoming cabaret. I’m very excited.  I loved doing it the first time and now I’m going to make some changes I wanted to make.  I need to find one song of Harold Arlen’s for one place in the show which is really important.    I know I can find it.

I’m sure there is more but I’m exhausted.  Two more shows tomorrow.  I will try to write more when I have more time.


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