I forgot to share the other great news.  I found an apartment in NYC.  Oh my God, you guys, it’s fantastic.  I won’t share all of the details but price is great for NYC.  I did lots of research.  Its in the area I wanted.  Its a great location, a one-bedroom, newly renovated kitchen with lots of counterspace, nice sized bedroom, huge living room/dining room combo, laundry downstairs, elevators (a lot of walk-ups on NYC), and . . . a dishwasher – Praise Jesus, or Buddah, or Allah or whoever I need to thank for that.

I love it.  And I actually have counter space in my kitchen. I can bake and cook and have my appliances out.  Woohoo.

Its mine as of Feb. 1.   So I’ll be moving my stuff up there around the 7, 8, or 9 and then I”ll have about a week to paint and shop for some furniture bits, etc.  It’s real, everyone.  This is me after finding out the apartment is mine. I’m in Times Square.

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