This is the appetite whetting, folks.  I leave on Monday for New York.  Very excited.  But I wanted to just touch base about an event that happened two weekends ago (ish) that meant a great deal to me.   Well, there were two events and I’ll start with the one that was just cool and get to the one that was cool and deeply meaningful.

The first event was the costume fittings for my understudy of Bernadette on Jan. 24.  It was amazing and I’ve got a few shots.  I couldn’t resist giving a little look.  They are not totally done.  ie, hems aren’t finished and edges aren’t finished and some thing are just basted or pinned  but you’ll get the basic idea.  Here is the gorgeous funeral outfit with and without the jacket.

And here is the Colour My World outfit.  They’ve very smartly changed the colour of it on me because under the lights, well, . . .  I was the same colour as the original.  Not so helpful.

And that’s it, y’all.  Just a taste. But I am ready to give you a little Crocodile Diahann Carroll.  It was a great afternoon.  We went through everything.  Plus a dress for Miss Understanding which I forgot to photograph.  But it’s great.  Very different from Nathan’s but really fun.  And I will, hopefully, have a shot soon of my new costume for the revamped opening number which is still It’s Raining Men but it’s retooled and lengthened.  It’s going to be fun . . . I hope I remember it from the three days we put it together . . . 2 months ago . . . and then were told to forget about it until New York  (and then I pooed a little bit).

Okay, so on to the more exciting point.  On Jan. 25, we went into the studio to make the Original Cast Recording of Priscilla.  It was so thrilling.  Here’s the thing.  I was that kid who would take my allowance or work money every week and buy one cassette of a show (yes, cassette, shut up!) and listen and listen and get lost in the world of these stories in song.  I didn’t want to be a singer at all but I was fascinated.  It is what made me fall in love with theatre, the live experience.  Nothing is as real as a live voice telling a story in song.  Sustained sound/vibration/energy in breath – it lifts you and wraps you in emotion and mood.  Those original cast recordings were magic for/to me.  And the fact that I was going to be on one that some young man or woman is going to hear and decide, yes, I want to be part of that is so . . . hmmm . . . blessed to me.   And I don’t use that word often but that’s really how I feel.  There is something so sacred in that kind of “paying it forward”.  That’s when you realize that the choices we make can directly affect the next generation.  A bit of the divine, my dears.

Anyway, I wanted to be able to share the day with all of you so here are some highlights.  I didn’t get a lot of shots of the girls as they were on the other side of the room and we were moving through stuff quickly.  But here are the boys just as we were getting ourselves together to start. Oh and the principles were not here for this.  It was just the ensemble this day.

Tad cannot resist a camera as you can see above . . . oh, and below with my boi, Eric.

Speaking of Eric, this is one of my favourite poses he does for me all the time.  I can’t really explain how it started, but it makes me laugh every time.

Now to our ladies.   This is Ellyn, Stacy, and Ashley.


And our Keala,

Here is our fearless leader, Musical Director, keyboardist and conductor, Jeff.

And finally, my favourite shot.  Me and two of my homeys (I’m coming over all gh’tto) Mike and Gavin.

And that’s about it, y’all.  It went really smoothly and by the time we open (possibly by previews)  we’ll have a the final product.  I’ll keep you posted.  Thanks for reading, everyone.

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