Okay so this is long overdue.  Where to start.  Well, I guess we start with the move.  Packing went really well in Toronto.  I ended up having the last four days with lots of time to see a few people, pack up everything and not feel rushed or frazzled.  So we get to moving day and my friend, Micah, is going to do the driving to New York.  We go to U-haul where Micah has rented the van and notice there are 3 trucks in the only entranceway and we’re thinking how it will be pain for them to have to move them so we can get out, unless one of those is ours.  Well it turns out that that morning, someone stole a truck and also stole THE KEYS TO THE OTHER 3 TRUCKS IN THE DRIVEWAY.   But “Sue” who was helping us (one of those great “broads” who sounds like she was weaned on Wild Turkey) was on top of it and had already worked out the same deal with another U-haul that was not far away.  So we just hopped over there and picked up the van.  We had to do two stops – one to my place and the other to my storage locker.  Luckily my friend, Scott, was free to come and help so with three pairs of hands, it went pretty quickly.

By about 1:00, Micah and I were on our way.  Micah had heard about going across the border at Kingston instead of  . . . oh I can’t think of the other American city that is the usual border crossing. . . . it starts with a “B”.   Hmmm. Oh well, it’ll come to me.  Anyway, he had heard that Kingston was friendlier and less travelled so it would mean less hassle.  Also, way more picturesque   It was a really nice day.  Not really sunny but still bright.  We got to Kingston in about 4 hours or so and there was hardly anyone there.  And basically after a brief misunderstanding (the guard, who was not particularly smart, thought I was bringing equipment in for the show – yes, my list which included things like a “kitchen-aid mixer” and “7 piece comforter set” and “Wonder Woman cake pan” and “28 bins of books” are for a show) we were on our way in only about 15 minutes.   Once we were in the States, it was time for  some food.  We just hit a Denny’s – quick easy, middle-of-the-roady.  Then were were on our way.

I don’t know exactly what time it started but at some point it started to gently snow.  And we drove and it snowed.  Taking the route we did, you basically end up driving through the Adirondacks.  We didn’t see much of them before it got dark but what we did see was beautiful.  What was not so beautiful was the fact that the tires on these U-hauls are not really made for snow which I didn’t appreciate when they are sending you off on a long distance journey in the middle of winter without snow tires.  What??!!!  Weeeelllllll, there where not many people on the road after about 9:00pm and around 10:30ish we found ourselves behind a sander/salter truck.  These are cumbersome and out of porportion.  A part juts out low on the right side and a part juts out high on the left side.  He was creeping along and flinging up snow and crap so Micah tried to get around him.  Though Micah took a really wide berth (and at the time, we didn’t know were were on a bridge) but because of the snow and the fact that the left-hand jutting-out thing had no lights, we didn’t get wide enough.  It took off the right side mirror and crunched the top right side corner of our truck overhang.  Not to mention, we got caught on it at the same time for a second or two until Micah managed to maneuver us off of it.  No one was hurt but the truck sustained the damage and Micah was a bit shaken. Cut to an hour later when we had done all of the paperwork with the very nice State Troopers and found out there is only one little motel about 20 minutes away and then nothing for another hour.  So we decided it was definitely time to call it a night. So we did.

It was a  . . . quaint little room and it was fine.  We had a good sleep then took off in the morning.  I thought we may be in trouble without a mirror so, necessity being the mother of invention and all that, I had Micah stop off at a drug store and I bought a hand mirror with which I would then put out the window and tell him when it was safe.  Needless to say that was an adventure.  But we got to the apartment safely where my friend, Mike, from Priscilla was waiting to help us unload.  Bless.  So we took about 2 hours or so to unload and then said bye to Mike, and off we went to get paint.  It just never ends, y’all.

I won’t give you all the details but we got paint and went to Ikea and I picked out some furniture to be delivered as . . . I have none anymore.  In fact, I’m waiting for my furniture to be delivered right  now.  Yes, that would be 2 weeks later.  I didn’t know that at the time. Thank God for the two foldable, camping chairs I bought for $15 each, years ago and brought with me.  And as for the apartment, I LOVE IT!!   I couldn’t be happier.  It’s all painted now – although I do need to do some touch-ups.  And I’ve washed everything – cupboards, dishes, fridge, freezer, floors.  I’ve put away everything I can put away without the incoming furniture.  Many bins of books and clothes to put away – I don’t even have a dresser anymore.  I gave all of my stuff away over the years.  So hopefully my furniture will all arrive today (well the stuff I’ve bought for now – I will be buying in sections as funds appear) and I can slowly put stuff together over the next few days.

Now New York.   Wow, my people.  I won’t lie, the feeling of having my life in boxes made me anxious for the first week.  I often felt lost.  I hadn’t started work yet, I couldn’t unpack stuff because everything needed to be cleaned so that would be several days. I didn’t know my way around.  I doubted my choice of area to live in. I’m not normally like that but for some reason, I felt unsettled and scared.  Thankfully, Micah had stuck around to help with stuff that week.  But he left on the following Sunday and once I had to be on my own, I settled.  I got the hang of the subway, got the vibe of the area, I felt at home.  Then we started work on the Tuesday so I had something to anchor me.  Now . . . LOVE IT!  I feel completely at home in New York, in my neighborhood, in my apartment.  And work is surreal.  I get off either of the couple of train choices I have and I walk through Times Square to get to work.  I go in the stage door of the legendary Palace theater and walk downstairs into my dressing room.   I love the guys in my dressing room.  We’re having a ball already.  Love the dressers and crew – we’re starting to have fun with them as we get to know them.  Lots of laughs.

Yesterday and today were long days as we started at the top of the show in costumes and we’re fine tuning things so we are stopping a lot and re-doing some lighting things and, in fact, Andy, our choreographer, is re-choreographing some things to make the story-telling clearer.  So we spent about an hour yesterday changing Les Girls, the show-girl number.

Yes, an hour in this.  Heels and a waist cincher that was so tight, I couldn’t feel my legs after 5 minutes in it.  After the hour, I was so numb, I didn’t even realize my pancreas was hanging out of my anus.  Luckily the “poof” on the back of the outfit hid it.

All in all though, things are going pretty smoothly and when they don’t, something has happened to make it perfectly clear that there was a good reason and it ends up being better in the end.  The rest of the week is just polishing and running the show. We have to finish fine-tuning this afternoon and then we are in make-up for the first time tonight for a run-through.  Cross your fingers.

Just a note – I won’t take so long between posts.  I want to make them more immediate as interesting things are happening.

Off we go.  Ohhhh  Buffalo, New York, that’s the other border crossing I couldn’t think of off the top.  Ta-dum.   (I know, at this point, I’m sure you don’t give a turd but never let it me said I don’t come up with the goods . . . . eventually)

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  1. I enjoyed every moment of your Blog ! Lived vicariously through you….so keep ’em coming Dear one !
    As Blossom Dearie sang :
    “You fascinate me so” ! Wishing you joy and success !

  2. Hi Thom:

    I just wanted to wish you good luck in both your new home, and also with Priscilla. I look forward to reading about your time in the Big Apple, in future Donnablogs. I am sure it will be sort of like Thom’s Adventures In Wonderland.

  3. Poor pancreas! I love you. Mad to hear all about New York! Looking forward to reading more!

    • Oh dear! I didn’t mean I love your pancreas! I meant I love you Thom! I’m sure all your internal workings are lovely-but that pancreas image-Hilarious!

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