Oh my God, kids, craziness. All is going really well but, wow, our theater (yes, I’m spelling it “er” instead of “re” since I’m here and it’s their theater.) has so little space for our show backstage. But I’m happy to say our incredible backstage crews (costume, hair/makeup, stagehands) have taken every little bit of space and found a way to use it.  But it’s been a juggling act.  There are moments its a minefield.  Set pieces flying in from above, costume pieces flying in from above.  You would not believe the organized chaos that is going on.  The poor hair/makeup department.  They have had a hell of a time trying to organize where to be and where to put mirrors and makeup for us and where to get people’s wigs on so they’re not going to be trampled by a herd of paint-brushes.   They’re show has changed almost every day and it’s so different for them.  Especially since there is no way to cross over from stage-right to stage lift at the stage level.  You have to go down a spiral staircase on either side and run underneath.  And there are only four of them with a show that has something like 12o wigs.

Everyone is working so hard.  The dressers have had a better time though not easy.  And they are also doing an amazing job.  With the space the way it is, there are some costume changes that they can’t set up for until just before someone is running offstage to do the change.  The space is at a premium.  But as for the cast, we are sooooooooo ready for an audience.

There have been some changes made to the show other than the opening number.  But it’s a lot of housekeeping sort of small bits here and there.  Although, there have been a lot of little changes to the book.  A word here, a joke there, which makes it a bit of a nightmare for my understudy.  Tony has a lot of little changes that I’m going to have to force into my head.  New jokes, new words, new bits of choreography.    Yikes.  But it’ll be fine.  It keeps it exciting.

I’m still not quite over going to work in Times Square everyday. I know that eventually the crowds and the pushing and the noise may get to me but for now, it’s pretty thrilling.   And I’m loving New York.  I feel so at home so soon.   I really feel like this is the right thing at the right time.

As for the apartment, the universe is playing games with me.  I keep having all these little set backs.  I opened the box for the large wardrobe I had ordered and saw that one of the huge sides was crack right through in two places, as well as one of the top or bottom pieces. But first, when the furniture I ordered had come, I realized I had forgotten to pay for my bed frame and headboard at Ikea so . . . naturally . . . they didn’t come.  So that’ll be another 2 weeks.  Grrr.  And there have been other things but each time it ended up giving me time for putting together other bits or getting some cleaning done.   There is always a silver lining.

Now as for New Yorkers, so funny and pleasant and friendly.  There is one thing that I find odd.  Trying to get someone to move out of the way when you’re trying to get by, even with a very polite “excuse me” is like trying to pry the last piece of Oreo cookie cheesecake out of Kirstie Alley’s mouth.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  And if they do move, it’s a millimetre when they have 5 feet on the other side of them.  I just don’t understand.  It is the oddest thing.  Bless your hearts – move your asses!

Day off today and then tomorrow,  FIRST PREVIEW!!!   WHAT???!!!  How exciting.  I’m so curious to see what this does for American audiences.  I hope the show does really well.  Not just for me but for the company and cast.

I’m going to try to stay way more on top of the blogs, everyone.  I want to keep you guys in the loop.

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  1. So utterly thrilled for you! We know you will be brilliant.

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