Well we lived, y’all.  It was a really good sized house – almost full but holy crap, they were so full of craziness.  Right off the top, they were screaming.  They were the best audience we have had so far, including Toronto.  The show was a bit of a tough ride. We all were riding hard and a little high in the energy department.  It was just pitched a little high; a little overexcited.  I screwed something up in every number.  I covered it because . . . well, because I’m a trained professional.  😉  But it was kooky.  I was glad to find out I’m not alone in my kookiness.  Many folks had an over-energized show.   Don’t get me wrong, it was a good show.  And the crowd lost their minds.  A literal jump to their feet.  Quite a thrill for my first performance on Broadway.  And then there was lots of poster and program signing after the show.

Today we had rehearsal to look at a few things and around 3:00, I noticed our producers with a woman out in the auditorium. Her form didn’t look familiar with the lights in our eyes.  A few minutes after I noticed them, our Australian producer, Garry, and our director, Simon, came up the steps to the stage and introduced us to this lady – yes, folks, the Divine Miss M herself, . . . Miss Bette Midler. The woman, the legend was standing on our stage, not 10 feet from me.  She tiny, y’all.  And she couldn’t have been sweeter.  She told us how great the show looked and was and how she is so proud of it. She also assured us that she’s been working behind the scenes and giving notes and things, which we knew.  She was very gracious and excited about the show.  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of her.

In fact, she was at the show on Monday and after today’s rehearsal, she came to the show again tonight and had a notepad in  her hands.  We could see her sitting in the front row of the balcony.  How crazy cool is that???!!!  I hope my opening night gift is good. 😉  So she’s real and this is real and . . . oh, the show was waaaaaayyy better tonight, by the way.  Everyone had settled down a little bit. There are all kinds of little flubs as we are still changing and improving the show. Love that.

Oh, last night after the first preview, one of the many producers on the show invited us all to his penthouse apartment for a party.  This place was so outrageously beautiful.  Beautifully designed, beautifully appointed.  And huge.  Right downtown overlooking the city.  All I kept thinking is, what are all of these people doing in MY apartment?  If this is the kind of living we’re going to be doing in this show  . . . bring in on.

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