Oh my God, everyone.  I waited until I had done it to tell you about it.  Let the crazy New York/Priscilla adventures begin.  So last Friday or Saturday, our publicity guru, Joe Perrotta comes rushing up to me at intermission to ask me if I would play cupcake again.  But this time it’s to launch the new cupcake designed especially for Priscilla by the famous New York bakery, Magnolia, then got to the home or office of three celebrities in New York and be photographed presenting them with a cupcake.  Of course, I said yes.  Magnolia has created this AMAZING (I know cause I got to taste one) pistachio cupcake with green icing that matches our costumes.  It all happened this morning and you better believe I got pictures to show you.  I don’t have shots of the launch unfortunately but I have the other shots.  First of all, Hagen, our assistant wig/makeup head did my make up.  She kicked it.

I got made up at the theater.  We knew we wouldn’t have any place to get into costume at Magnolia and we knew it was only a few blocks from the theater so I got into costume and walked there.  It was hilarious.

People were waving and taking pictures of me/with me.

We got to Magnolia and there were a slew of photographers.  And our wonderful head producer, Garry.  He’s a doll. They handed me the tray of cupcakes and I was holding them and trying to tip the tray a little to show them better and, damn, if about 4 of them didn’t slide off . . . and onto my costume – 2 on the costume 2 on the floor.  What could I do?  I said, “5 second rule”, they all laugh, we cleaned up and kept taking pictures.  It was great.  Then lots of shots outside the bakery.  I’ll show those when they start to pop up.

Then off we went (I took off the costume between shots, of course).  I’m not going to go out of order for the celebrities.  Actually, I’ll go backwards.  The third person we saw was the adorable, sweet, darling Liz Smith, legendary New York columnist.

She was hilarious and lovely and if you look below, you can see she had some sass in her.  Look at her work that cupcake like it’s a full-time job.

Love her.  I even managed to crack her up a couple of times.  Gold.  So much fun.

I have to get to work now so I’ll finish telling you who the other two celebrities are after my show.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Oh how wonderful, I’ll bet you turned more than a few heads. Can’t wait to hear more.

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