I thought you might like to actually see the delicious cupcakes.  They are amazing, everyone.  If you are in New York, run-don’t walk to Magnolia Bakery and try this tasty treat.  Or any other treat for that matter.  I hear their Banana Pudding is a taste of Nirvana. Or, apparently, come Spring, you can have their tasty treats shipped to you.  I’m not sure if you can get them in Canada or not but in America anyway.


What a crazy couple of days.  There has been such an insanely positive response to the cupcake tour.  (I feel all Evita Peron, doing my own “Rainbow Tour”)  I’ve gained about 30+ more Twitter followers, including . . . (take a breath  and drumroll) Joan Rivers.  Suddenly my world just got a bit sparklier.    I’m still floored by how ‘present’ she was.  In her crazy busy schedule, this is just another publicity op and she was interested in how the show was doing and who I was and what the audience response was.  I’m saying it here . . . Joan Rivers is a class act.   I hope I get to meet her again on opening night.  In case you read this Joan, I’m in the white crucifix wig in the funeral and the Scottish drag tourist at the end of Act 1 (along with the cupcake and paintbrush and showgirl, etc.).

Anyway, the pics from Tuesday are all over the internet and in papers and a picture of Joan and I ran in the Daily News and publicity told me they rarely run theatre stuff in the gossip section.  And there is a great photo montage on


So great to have had a day off.  And then yesterday, apparently, Susan Stroman and Frank Wildhorn were at the show.  And so it begins.  They didn’t come backstage though.  Ah well.  Hopefully they still liked the show and will tell everyone to come see it.

Oh, here is a photo Tony Sheldon took of a few of us in our new costumes for the opening number.  I don’t have my coat on which is fierce (although you can just see a bit of the faux-fur collar in my hand) but I love the whole costume.  It’s awesome.

Okay, that’s all.  Things to do, my children.  More soon.

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  1. Thom, so proud of you..loved the pics of you, in cupcake mode…looking forward to being in NYC with Jess, in June..gotta see the show ( again)

    xox Lynda

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