Okay so first of all, get this:


That’s right, we are in the number one spot on the Billboard Broadway Album chart.  What??!!!  So fantastic.  The show shot out of the gate and now it seems to just be building momentum.  That bodes well for all of us.

The other thing I wanted to chat about tonight (it’s about 3 in the morning) is the nature of dreams.  Not the ones you have at night while your sleeping but the ones you have for your life.  Dreams, goals, ambitions. And I would actually really like to hear from people on this one so please feel free to comment and start a bit of a dialogue about this.  (Just click on the comments below)  What is the nature of our dreams, our desires?  What do they require of us?  I find myself in that wonderful/terrifying position of living three of my many dreams.  I’m living in New York, I’m doing a show on Broadway and I’m on the cast recording.   And now, a part I didn’t even dream of – the recording is #1 on the Billboard charts.  What does that mean to me?  What happens now?

It makes me realize how possible our dreams are if we work toward them but how fluid they are.   They change and expand and mutate.  What’s to want next?  Well, truly, anything.  Is it about clarity?  (Be specific about the dream) Is it about expansiveness?  (Dream big and see what parts of it come true)  There is a song I love from a musical called Flora, The Red Menace (which starred Liza Minnelli) called A Quiet Thing.  And the lyric goes,

“When it all comes true,

Just the way you planned,

It’s funny but the bells don’t ring,

It’s a quiet thing”  Etc.

I so get that more and more.  (Wow, that was a terribly crafted sentence. Ah well, it’s my blog.) I find when these wonderful things happen, they are not earth-shattering when you’re inside them.  They’re just the thing you’re doing at the time.  You’re just in it trying to make everything work.  But what is really comforting about that is that it makes you realize how much is possible when you stop thinking that it’s impossible.

Now I find myself with the idea of “if I can pull this off, how many other things can I pull off as well?” That is THRILLING AND HORRIFYING!!!!    To think of having no ceiling means you can just keep rising.  Yes, it’s work; yes, it’s planning; yes, it’s diligence.  But as you refine what you think you are meant to do and and realize the path you are supposed do be on, it’s not actually hard.  It just demands your love and attention.

The other thought I have about this is that the people who are successful are willing to go the extra mile.  To give up the dead weight that is holding them back, whatever it is.  It’s not really about sacrifice, it’s more about dedication to the cleanest running version of yourself.  I read a quote recently that roughly goes, “Everyone is giving ‘enough’. It’s those that give the extra that achieve the success.”  That doesn’t really put it as well as the quote did (don’t judge me.) but the idea is that mediocrity is the minimum effort; go the extra inch and gain a mile.

There is also the idea of commitment.  I’ve come to realize that so few people, comparatively, are willing to commit to their own worth.  Does that make sense?  I mean to truly believe you are worth that extra inch/mile.  How many people actually pursue an opportunity – period?  Let alone pursue it believing they have goods to back it up?

I challenge everyone reading this to make that phone call or send that e-mail that commits you to having to step up to a task for which you feel you may not be up to.  Then trust that when, not if, but when asked to produce, you can deliver.  Give yourself the chance to come through. I’m about to do that very thing with an issue I can’t talk about right now.  Perhaps in the future, if it happens.

And then let me (and my readers – bless you all) know how it turns out – if you can.  Let us hear (read) your story. Click on “Comments” below.  Even just a a quick paragraph.

Again, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic in general.

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  1. Thom,

    I couldn’t be happier for you! I am a firm believer that dreams do come true if you keep dreaming! Hold your dreams in your hands so that they are never out of reach

    Keep dreaming boo, it gives the rest of us dreamers hope


  2. The phrase that rang a bell was “Its funny but the bells don’t ring”. Its the old “what if” conundrum. I often wonder what would have happened to me if I’d stayed in NYC. I was working my way up at Lincoln Center and then got the call to MTC and Winnipeg. I’d done a couple of OOB shows and nothing was coming of that, so I answered Ouzounian’s call and haven’t looked back. But, thirty years later, I often wonder if I’d stayed at LC would I be “running the place”! Perhaps there’s a bit of regret there, but at the same time, its a case of “Living Vertically”, staying IN and being IN the moment (stagecraft 101)that holds true for Life as well as On Stage. Each decision affects the next decision which affects the next decision, etc., etc. – you get the picture. You NEVER know the outcome of your choice because that down-the-road picture is constantly altering by the decisions you make moment to moment. So “dreams” may be one thing (and good things at that) but the outside influences and decisions OTHER people make tend to take you places you’d never thought you’d go – for better or for worse. The envelope of living your life in the moment is, indeed, a quiet thing – with a firework or two going off from time to time and an orchestra playing loudly when you least expect it.
    I must admit to a bit of envy as to where YOU find yourself at the moment, but they were all choices YOU made and more power to you for making them at exactly the right place and time – the RIGHT choices for those particular moments. Of course, TALENT (which you have in spades) has a lot to do with it and that’s one of YOUR influences. Someone else made the decision to cast you. Confluence, convergence and a coming together of so many elements. Its all “what if” and answering that call.
    You KNOW I wish you great success and I KNOW your decisions will take you where you need to be! And don’t be surprized at how quiet it really is when you get there. Its where you need to be – and that quiet is the sound of Peace and Grace!
    Love and blessings!

    • Richard, that is fantastic. Thank you for sharing that. Those are exactly the sort of thoughts I want to hear from this blog. For my part, I’m certainly glad you made the choices you did. It gave me the chance to watch your incredible talent and work ethic as a young actor and see what it meant to be dedicated to a craft, at an early age. Bless.

  3. I don’t think all dreams come true… even when one works his/her ass off. Talent and luck play a very, very big part in what we do. More people don’t “make it” than those who do “make it”…. more people see their dreams crash on American Idol than those who see their dreams come to be… more people will never get a tony or oscar or be on Broadway than those who see that dream become a reality… I often cringe when someone wins a tony or oscar or American Idol and says “see dreams do come true!” because they don’t for everyone. I know a singer, for example, who practiced hours and hours a day… she loved singing more than anyone I know… but she wasn’t good and is a cook now, an unhappy cook. There are many stories like this…

    Now having said all that I, for one, encourage everyone I know to seek their dreams but I never say to them that with hard work they will come true or that anyone can do anything they want because it’s not true. We should try our hardest to get where we want but it may not happen. Therefore, in my opinion, we have to enjoy the process. Enjoy the auditions, the lessons, the breakthroughs, the down times the up times. We have to fill our lives with lots of wonderful people and different experiences so that there is more to life than theatre or singing or acting… or whatever the dream may be…

    My direction in life has changed so much from year to year. I started out as a clarinet major in University on a full scholarship. My dream was to play in a symphony orchestra. If anyone had told me back then (in 1982) that in the future I would be singing theatre, opera and cabaret I would have cried… it would not have made any sense… but my dreams have changed big time over the years and my goals have changed as well… Life is cool that way…

    • Fantastic, Marcus. Thanks for that. Beautifully put. That’s a great continuation of my blog. My point was – begin something, don’t just “dream” it. Be active. Your response is a fantastic follow up. And aren’t we all lucky, as listeners to you singing, that your dreams didn’t come through the way you wanted it to. 🙂

  4. Thom….I love reading your blog
    One of my favorite quotes is by Goethe

    Whatever you can do or dream you can do…BEGIN IT!
    Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

    congrats on all your success
    much love

    • Thank you, Avery. You are living proof. I love that you are achieving such great things with your company. All the best.

  5. Thom>
    You were absolutely Divine at Tony’s.. and what a wonderful, fantabulous show!!!!!!!!
    And multi multi thanks for my BEAUTIFUL journey you are having. and sharing with us…and I didn’t even have to cross the border!
    I am so proud of you!
    Nothing profound here but true joy for you.
    Mucho love, my dear
    A. Frank

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