So this is the day, everyone. Just off to our dress rehearsal of the Tonys. We a had a camera rehearsal the other day and I wanted to share some shots of us backstage.

Here is our dance captain, Eric, in a couple of “relaxed” costume moments that are almost completely unstaged, in his Gumnut costume.

This is perhaps my favourite.  I call it Kyle “The T-EMU-nator” Brown.


And here is a candid shot of how early we had to be there.  Steve and Jeff trying to wake up. “Stretching?  No, coffee!”

A little catch up chat for Nick Adams and our swing, Ellyn.

This shot makes me laugh. I was trying to get Jackie and Eric but Mike happened to walk into frame.  Jackie caught me taking it as Mike walked up but  the way Mike is looking down and Eric is bent over, it looks like they are examining something of interest in Mike’s nether regions. Considering what a big strapping man Mike is, that could be any number of things.

Our wonderful Tad Wilson lounging in the costume that I also wear at the end of the show.  I won’t lie.  It’s not my favourite but seeing him sitting here drinking coffee and texting makes me laugh my ass off.

So here’s the scoop, y’all.  I think the number is going to be really great.  We are the last number of the show, though not the last event.  There are a few awards after us.  So we’ll be on around 10:40ish. I am in this above costume (same as Tad) – it’s a Bottle Brush.  It also had a huge headpiece that has big green leaves coming out of it.  You’ll see me coming downstage in it right after the “Divas” sing their first bit.  I’m on your left, second from center.

I will absolutely give you a check in after . . . in the next few days.  Enjoy everyone.

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  1. Hi Thom:

    Good luck tonight. Thanks for letting us know what you will be wearing, we will be watching for you.

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