Okay here we go.  It was a bit surreal.  We started at our theatre getting ready.  The theatre hired a bunch of make-up artists to do our drag make-up for the evening.  Our producers had food brought in, our sound guys had rigged up a TV for us to watch the show until we had to go.  It was really cool. Here’s a little shot of my make-up.

So eventually we got on the bus and went to the Beacon Theater.  (Side note: we found out we got the Best Costume Tony just before we left so we were already flying high) It was all very glamorous.  They had blocked off a portion of Amsterdam Avenue (Avenue?  Street?) and there were all these people – general public – who were hanging out behind barriers to get pics, etc.  We had to wait in our bus for a little bit then they let us into the tent.  Now, tent, you wonder?  The theatre is so small there is no really big backstage space so they had to set up a tent and take over chunk of  . . . 74? 75?. Anyway, the performers were kept in the tent.  So we got in and got into our costumes or some of them as we still had about 1/2 hour.

But the Anything Goes kids were there.  I snapped a shot of Sutton Foster having a simple moment while they were all waiting to go on, watching TV.

They went on and we watched their number (there was a TV in the tent for us) and it was fantastic.  It was surreal to be watching the Tony Awards with a group of people then watch them walk out a door and then do a number.  Here is a shot of Tony Sheldon and Will Swenson hanging out before our performance.

While we were standing around  waiting, we also watched the cast of COMPANY  do their number.  They weren’t in our waiting area, but after they were done they came through.  I didn’t know they were coming through so I turn around and there is Patti Lupone strutting past me, then Martha Plimpton, Christina Hendricks.  What???!!!  Cool.  Didn’t have my camera on me.  Shoot.

Then came our time. We got our headdresses on.  Here’s me and a couple of buddies, Gavin Lodge and Eric Sciotto.

So they brought us backstage and we waited behind “the wall”.  We listened while Sutton Foster accepted her Best Actress in a Musical Tony and then heard Paul Shaffer (sp?) begin his introduction.  Those of us behind the wall had a little circle of love to just remind each other to drink this moment in and live it and love it.  Up went the wall and …


The place went crazy, we turned our shit out, then ran offstage screaming like little girls.  I had to get a shot with Martha Wash.  That song is so iconic and she was one of the peeps to introduce it to the world. And she couldn’t have been lovelier.

And that was that, folks.  We headed back to the theatre to get out of makeup.  There was a party at a local restaurant but I was fighting something (cold or something) and felt exhausted so I was a bit of a pooper and went home.  But I will never forget my first Tony Awards, y’all.

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  1. Amazing! I’m a bit choked up!

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