Hey all.  Sorry it’s been so long.  Grab a coffee and let’s have a chat.  So, hmmm, where to start.  We already covered the America’s Got Talent event.  Oh here is a video that was made of thoughts about Marriage Equality and Gay Pride Parade.  I just found it today online and here it is.


Okay what else?  Oh, one of the fun things about living in New York is the different events that go on here.  One that I caught recently was Broadway Barks. It’s an event created by Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore about hmmmm – I’m about to possibly get this wrong so forgive me – I think it was 13 years ago.  Basically they bring pound animals/shelter animals, etc. to Shubert Alley and people can take these animals home as pets.  And so each year they get stars from current Broadway shows to come and help  . . . well, “pitch” the animals.  I went to catch it this year.  Here are a couple of shots of Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore – yes, that’s right, they were hosting.

I’m pretty sure there’s a picture of Bernadette Peters rotting in some attic somewhere.  She looks like she’s still 30.  It’s a bit ridonkulous.  Now here is a shot of three of the stars of Catch Me If You Can.  From left to right: Kerry Butler, Linda  Hunt and  Aaron Tveit (kneeling).

And here are some of the stars of The Book of Mormon.  Which I still have not see but am dying to.   Everyone says it’s killer (good). Anyway here is Andrew Rannells, Tony Winner -Nikki M. James (in black, kneeling)and – forgive I’m not certain who the gentleman in teal is, I  believe it’s Rory O’Malley

It was fun to watch.  Great way to feel the community.  I was glad to take it in.

In other more recent news. About a week or two ago, the cast was asked to do a publicity event at the Apple Store in Soho this past Tuesday (July 26).  I said sure as I thought/hoped we may get a free gift.   Then a couple of days later, I was contacted to see if I would sing Tony Sheldon’s part in We Belong.  Tony had a prior engagement.  (There was to be a Diva Medley, then Nick Adams and the Divas doing Like a Prayer, then We Belong, then the great Martha Wash doing It’s Raining Men).  Of course, I was happy to.  Tony is such a rock, I may never go on for him so these little moments are probably the only moments I will have to taste Bernadette.  Ironically, it’s also one of the many reasons I love and respect Tony. He’s old-school about missing shows.  Unless you’re dead, you go on.  So we come to Tuesday and I get to the store. Holy beautiful, Batman!!!   It’s a two level deal. There is an actual stage set up with seating and everything right inside the store on the second floor.  I’ll also mention here that Nick had injured his hip earlier in the week and Bryan West, his understudy has been on for him. Do Bryan was also singing for Nick on Tuesday.

By the time we performed, there were quite a few people.  The Divas, who did the first number had to start over, as between sound check and performance, they forgot to turn the mics back on.  But then all went pretty smoothly. Martha Wash was so great.  She really brought the house down with It’s Raining Men.  Sounded spectacular.  It’s cool that she’s willing to come and play with us.  Here are some shots.


And the best part of of all, other than the great publicity, is that we all got an iPod Nano at the end.  Shut up!  Sweet.  Here is the performance on YouTube.  (So fast these things happen nowadays)


We’re at the end of a heat wave and it’s really beautiful out these days.  So great to have some time to go out and enjoy it.  One of my buddies in the show, Gavin, took me to a great restaurant in a hotel called the Maritime Hotel the other night.  The restaurant is quite remarkable.  It’s called La Bottegga and it was built in the 60’s and the decor hasn’t changed.  It’s like you walk in and your transported back about 35 years.


You go up the steps from the outside and the whole thing is quite large.  On one side is the bar proper, all enclosed, all wood. On the other side is the restaurant proper, all enclosed, also all wood. In between are these two connected open air patios.  Picture it, if you will – lots of square tables (probably wood, but I can’t remember now), round Chinese lanterns strung above you with that lovely faint orange glow, big potted trees lit from below, gently illuminating each tree with a different colour.  Italian food, beautifully done.  I orded the butter beans as a side dish and it was my favourite thing.  Cooked with olive oil and a bit of butter then some herbs added.  D-lish.  Gavin’s a great “tour-guide” so I think we may make more regular sojourns to the interesting places New York has to offer, perhaps dragging some of our other cohorts along.  Woohoo

I met a couple of friends today for lunch.  The wife is a friend and actress who I’ve known for years from Toronto and her husband is a Canadian who is an American citizen now.  I haven’t seen them in so long, they have a 16 month old baby and the last time I saw her, she wasn’t even pregnant.  Anyway, they took me for lunch to a place called Momofuku.


For lunch, almost all of the meat in dishes that have meat are duck.  I’ve never actually had duck.  Duck be good.  Yummy.  So tasty.  And the decor as you can see is all this really warm wood. (Sensing a theme)  Great to see the two of them and their baby is so ridiculously beautiful and smart and funny.  Total Gerber Baby.

Let’s see.  I think that’s all for the wanderings.  Other than that, I feel like the universe is starting to show me signs of new possibilities.  We’ll see where that ends up but at least something’s moving.

One last thing.  After a while, the original glamour wears off doing a show and it becomes the people you see everyday at the show, the guys I hang with in the show that make it worth going in every day, no matter what mood I’m in.  I caught this on Tuesday when Eric, our dance captain and one of my best pals at the show, just randomly threw on Gavin’s finale costume over his street clothes and then had a serious discussion with Jeff, who was in most of his emu costume. It caught my funny bone and I had to get a photo.

I do enjoy these boys. Laughs are good, y’all.



OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS!!!!  I just realized that my CD, “A WHOLE LOTTA SUNLIGHT”, is now available on iTunes.

I’m so excited.  I mean, it’s not a surprise that it’s on there at all, but I didn’t know when it would be happening.  I’m so excited.  (Wait, I just said that.)  I feel like I’m now a real artist in the world.  How cool is that?    It’s my 2003 CD.  (I don’t have another one yet).  I know some of you may already have it but I’ve met so many people who have know idea I made a CD and now it’s accessible to everyone.  That’s  a little daunting but exciting. (Apparently)

It’s an odd thing. You spend all of this time creating this “child” that is your CD and then you send it out into the world, hoping that people will play it and love it, 0r at least like it.  At the same time, CD’s are like iPhones, as soon as it’s released, you’ve already thought of several upgrades.  There is still so much I am proud of on the CD.  Are there things I would change if I were to do it now? Sure.  That was then and it’s a great representation of who I was then and some of who I am now.

I really look forward to doing another CD.  I love recording.  It’s a whole different and interesting medium.  But in the meantime there is this disc available to you all that I loved doing and which gives a look at (listen to) the different flavours of Thom. (Did I just refer to myself in 3rd person?  My, I am very important, aren’t I?   . . . wait, or is that obnoxious? Screw it, it’s my blog and I’m very giddy and happy right now.)

If you download it, I hope you like it, y’all.

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Okay hilarious.  So I found out today that I’m going to L.A. for the day on Monday.  Yes, I said for the day.  We were informed by one of our producers a couple of days ago that we had the opportunity to perform on the first results show for America’s Got Talent.  The day of recording the show is Monday but it will be shown on July 13.  But he didn’t know which number or who would be doing it.  The issues being what songs could be cleared legally, plus the fact that we have a show on Monday night so they had to work out who would go and who would cover those people in those peoples’ absences.

We had a rehearsal scheduled for today but because of the fact that the producers didn’t know who yet, we had to wait until this morning to find out who was going to do it.  Well, lo and behold, my phone rings this morning and I’m one of the six people picked to go to L.A. to film the show.  What???!!!  Awesome. So that’s what’s happening.  There are six of us, including Will Swenson, who will hop on a plane Monday morning, do the show, then hop on the red-eye to come back.  And I won’t lie to you, I LOVE doing this kind of stuff.   Just the sheer adventure of it.  They are hiring a handful of other people to fill in the rest of the number.  Some from New York, some from L.A.

Kecks-Exclusives-Americas-1035000.aspx  (Yes, that is me off of the right shoulder of the centre Diva.)

We rehearsed today and then we’ll see each other again on Monday.  I’ll keep you posted on the whole experience.  I will try to Tweet through the day for those of you who follow me.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  Oh and I will no longer be posting all of my blogs on Facebook  anymore after this post.  Possibly not on Twitter either.  I may do the odd one but I’m not loving the big announcement on Facebook thing.  That was something I ended up doing by accident but I will be stopping except for, maybe, the odd really big thing.  But from here on in, subscribe to the blog if you want to know when I have posted something new or just keep checking in.  I try to put something up every few/several days or so.

And as always, thank you for following and giving a shit about what this kid who grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada has to say about his world.  It really is a joyful thing to share this with you and I hope you guys are enjoying this ride with me.

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