Okay hilarious.  So I found out today that I’m going to L.A. for the day on Monday.  Yes, I said for the day.  We were informed by one of our producers a couple of days ago that we had the opportunity to perform on the first results show for America’s Got Talent.  The day of recording the show is Monday but it will be shown on July 13.  But he didn’t know which number or who would be doing it.  The issues being what songs could be cleared legally, plus the fact that we have a show on Monday night so they had to work out who would go and who would cover those people in those peoples’ absences.

We had a rehearsal scheduled for today but because of the fact that the producers didn’t know who yet, we had to wait until this morning to find out who was going to do it.  Well, lo and behold, my phone rings this morning and I’m one of the six people picked to go to L.A. to film the show.  What???!!!  Awesome. So that’s what’s happening.  There are six of us, including Will Swenson, who will hop on a plane Monday morning, do the show, then hop on the red-eye to come back.  And I won’t lie to you, I LOVE doing this kind of stuff.   Just the sheer adventure of it.  They are hiring a handful of other people to fill in the rest of the number.  Some from New York, some from L.A.

Kecks-Exclusives-Americas-1035000.aspx  (Yes, that is me off of the right shoulder of the centre Diva.)

We rehearsed today and then we’ll see each other again on Monday.  I’ll keep you posted on the whole experience.  I will try to Tweet through the day for those of you who follow me.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  Oh and I will no longer be posting all of my blogs on Facebook  anymore after this post.  Possibly not on Twitter either.  I may do the odd one but I’m not loving the big announcement on Facebook thing.  That was something I ended up doing by accident but I will be stopping except for, maybe, the odd really big thing.  But from here on in, subscribe to the blog if you want to know when I have posted something new or just keep checking in.  I try to put something up every few/several days or so.

And as always, thank you for following and giving a shit about what this kid who grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada has to say about his world.  It really is a joyful thing to share this with you and I hope you guys are enjoying this ride with me.

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  1. Hey Thom…Looking forward to seeing you on America’s Got Talent…WOW!!!!

    very proud of what you have accomplished and what is yet to come, for you

  2. Well America will certainly get some talent the day that YOU are on the show! Living the dream Thom! It couldn’t have happened to a more wonderful person than YOU!
    Bea xo

  3. That’s fabulous Thom! I will watch for sure!!
    Have fun and ENJOY!!

  4. Hi Thom:

    How wonderful for you Thom. We will certainly be watching.

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