My Darling People, it has been so very long since I’ve written a blog.  My computer has been acting up and I was nervous for all sorts of reasons to try to open this site.  I’ve managed to find a way to get to it obviously, and I’m going to try to catch you up.  Of course now that I’m writing this, I can’t remember a thing that’s happened. So I guess I’ll just have to ramble and see what pops up.  I have to say I’ve missed chatting with you all.

The shows have been clipping along.  We had taken a little dip in sales through the summer but something happened in the fall.  Our houses have been crazy full.  It’s been a real joy to see all of the people there.  And they’re loving it.  It makes it that much more of a pleasure to go into work.

I honestly can’t think of anything interesting to talk about that happened.   August here was beautiful, hot and sunny.  I tried to get out as much as possible.  September I didn’t see much of, as I had to finish working on the “request for more evidence” for my green card application.  That was a bit much.  I won’t go into the details but I had to put together a whole other slew of documents which was not fun but I managed to get it off to my lawyer last week.  I’m hoping that he likes what I’ve done and he gives me a thumbs up.  At least I’m one step closer.

Some amazing news is that the Stratford Festival production of Jesus Christ Superstar is coming to Broadway in the new year.  That is amazing.  I have a lot of buddies in that cast and I know they are thrilled to be coming to the Great White Way.  It was such a hit in Stratford that it was booked into La Jolla for November/December and now Broadway.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Hooray.

We’ve had our first notice given at the show.  Our wonderful Tad Wilson is leaving us after this Sunday’s performance to go and do Bonnie and Clyde on Broadway.  It’s Frank Wildhorn’s new show (Jekyll and Hyde, Wonderland, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Civil War).  We’re thrilled for him but we’ll still miss him.  There is someone else who has temporarily left.  My buddy Gavin left for paternity leave.  And he had his beautiful baby boy.  We’re so happy for him.  But he will be returning in about 3 weeks or so, so it’s not really a “leaving” situation.  It’s amazing how a dynamic changes when someone new comes in. I love it just because it’s a new energy. Though I miss Gavin and will miss Tad.

Guys, it has been 13 months of Priscilla.  Good lord, y’all.  Great ride but I won’t lie, it’s time to do something else.  Ah well, it will happen when it’s time.  I have a feeling that these guys leaving (temporarily or not) will be the beginning of a lot of people starting to go.  It’s just that time. After a year, one gets too itchy.   So . . . we’ll see.

Hmmmm what else?  I’ve been continuing to put my apartment together little by little.  I LOVE my New York pad.  It’s awesome.  I love the size and where it is.  Harlem is hilarious.  I’ve seen more fake hair and big tight-pant-clad asses in the last 7 months than you’d find in 6 state fairs.   And the sweetest people.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful.  I love my black folk.  But what is really fascinating is the gay boys who inhabit the area.  Black , white and hispanic.  And openly so.  No one even seems to flinch.  It’s really wild to see . . .  and entertaining. I love living in diversity.

I’m actually going to be doing my first singing-outside-of-the-show gig on Halloween night.  I’ve been asked to perform at the legendary Birdland club.  It’s an evening of music by a young composer named Scott Evan Davis and the evening is called “Cautiously  Optimistic”.  Thank you Gerry for suggesting me.  I’m really excited.  I’m singing a solo and a duet.  I’ve heard the solo and it’s very funny.  Haven’t heard the duet yet but it will appear in my inbox soon.  I love evenings like this.  It’s always a little extra exciting when you’re singing stuff that not many people have heard before.  Info is:



344 W. 44th Street

7-8:30  Tickets are $25 and there’s a $10 food/drink minimum.

Hmmm  what else. Oh I saw Follies.  I’ve been wanting to see a real full-out production of Follies my whole life.  And this was a really great production.  I didn’t love everything about it but it had so many great things.  I don’t like to put the negative things in my blog cause that’s not what I do.  But the positives – Terry White was great as Stella (‘Who’s that Woman’ a highlight), Jayne Houndysell (sp?) is genius doing Broadway Baby, Jan Maxwell is stupendous as the icy and complicated Phyllis, Ron Raines is so well cast as Ben, Danny Burstein is a hopeful and tortured Buddy, Bernadette Peters is shockingly (in a good way) ordinary and un”starry” as Sally.  The four young actors who play the younger versions of the leads are really delightful, and the older and younger opera singer are heartbreaking. I also have to say that the “ghosts” of the Follies girls who haunt the stage are so amazingly designed and staged  – huge costumes and they move almost all the time but you don’t even notice it happening; suddenly you will look and they are all in different positions. I love me some good theatre.

I don’t really know what else.  There was so much to share and now I can’t even remember anything. Well I will try to think of something if it comes up and I’ll just have to write some more.  I have to have my computer fixed next week to find out what is happening so I don’t have to have big gaps in my communication.   But this will have to do for now.

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  1. Glad you’re back! Now, a) write more, and 2) go bake your castmates more fabulous goodness, and d) create a production of Hedwig for me.


  2. Can you please remove my comment since there’s a TYPE-O!?!?!? GOOD LORD!

    I meant BAKE! BAKE!!! BAKE your castmates more fabulous goodness….


    • What are you talking about?

  3. I missed you! glad you are back!!!
    Lynda Rapp

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