OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS!!!!  I just realized that my CD, “A WHOLE LOTTA SUNLIGHT”, is now available on iTunes.

I’m so excited.  I mean, it’s not a surprise that it’s on there at all, but I didn’t know when it would be happening.  I’m so excited.  (Wait, I just said that.)  I feel like I’m now a real artist in the world.  How cool is that?    It’s my 2003 CD.  (I don’t have another one yet).  I know some of you may already have it but I’ve met so many people who have know idea I made a CD and now it’s accessible to everyone.  That’s  a little daunting but exciting. (Apparently)

It’s an odd thing. You spend all of this time creating this “child” that is your CD and then you send it out into the world, hoping that people will play it and love it, 0r at least like it.  At the same time, CD’s are like iPhones, as soon as it’s released, you’ve already thought of several upgrades.  There is still so much I am proud of on the CD.  Are there things I would change if I were to do it now? Sure.  That was then and it’s a great representation of who I was then and some of who I am now.

I really look forward to doing another CD.  I love recording.  It’s a whole different and interesting medium.  But in the meantime there is this disc available to you all that I loved doing and which gives a look at (listen to) the different flavours of Thom. (Did I just refer to myself in 3rd person?  My, I am very important, aren’t I?   . . . wait, or is that obnoxious? Screw it, it’s my blog and I’m very giddy and happy right now.)

If you download it, I hope you like it, y’all.

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